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  1. I tried removing the blue wire too. It's true that the fan speed goes down to 1400 rpm, but the CPU temp increased so much that I had to put the wire back...
  2. PLease let me know if you find something Thanks!
  3. Thanks Hybrid-Mods. I had tried it too and it could not do anything to improve things. I found some kind of improvement by disableling the 4 pins fan management in the bios (my Hyper48 power cable has 4 pins). Now the fan speed has gone from 3000 rpm to 2200. But I still have to find some fix to reach the 1400 rpm mentioned on the box. I'm currently trying to find a compliant rheobus or some adaptor to convert the fan's 4 pins power cable into something that would fit with a rheobus (3 pins plug). I could cut the cables and on both sides and stick them together but I'll do that only if I can find no other option.
  4. I've read it and found out that this kind of fan is supposed to be quiter than the 3 pins. Mine is noisy as :)... Not sure it's a good idea to remove this feature by connecting it to a standard 3 pin rheobus. I think I'll close this topic and will look for a compatible rheobus. Thank you guys for your help
  5. I have finally found the specs !!! In here it's all described : ... Public.pdf Black = ground Yellow = 12V Green = sense Blue = control I have to go now, but I'll read it this afternoon and will keep you posted.
  6. Kind of but it's a little bit smaller and the 'bumps' (don't know the word in English - maybe "slots" is better) are not at the same place. (I'll post a picture in 5 minutes)
  7. Well the annoying thing is that there's no red cable... I've read somewhere that the yellow is power on this type of fan, but I'm not sure this is the case.
  8. I'll try this afternoon. In the mean time, please see the picture I put of the Intel fan in my previous post. The cable's exactly the same.
  9. Sorry I can't find any picture. It seems that I have the 4 pin PWM version (it's for a Prescott, on an Asus P5G2D mobo)... [edit] The original fan (Intel) had the 4 pin connector too and, on the mobo, the fan connector is 4 pins as well. You can see the wires on this picture :
  10. Hi ninuhadida ! Well, that's the problem, mine has 4 and the colors are not the ones you talk about (or the same as the aerogate's)... The 4 wires are black, yellow, green and bleue... So I'm lost ! Thanks for taking the time to answer a beginner ! (I have the Aerogate II by the way)
  11. Hi all I would like to connect my hyper48 to an aerogate rheobus but the cables don't match. The CPU fan has 4 pins, the aerogate only 3. I've looked for adaptors but they all are for alim cables and not compatible with the aerogate. I'm thinking of connecting cables myself (cut and "paste") but have no idea what the 4 cables are for and the colors are not the same... Some guidance would be great ! Thanks in advance
  12. Hi all I may have found some kind of answer. I think that the fan auto adjust feature in the bios is not working as it should. I have changed a few parameters with a slight improvement in the noise level. Unfortunately, there's no newer bios version available at this stage. Anyway, thanks to all for you answers. Cheers
  13. Mr. Miyagi : the answer is yes, it's plugged into the motherboard. By the way, thanks for the links