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  1. niktard

    [MOD express] my HTPC :: DSIGN IV :: Dark Angel

    Hi every body ! after few month without update and news, i would like to tell you i still have in mind my projects ( this one and the other on stacker ) - but my art school take me a lot of time, I'm very busy and I had to wait before modding next month .... i hope to have enough time to complete my project but only time tell me if i could or not... if i want to work in grafics design in surf industry i have to work harder in those speciallity ( photgraphy, webdesign, photshop, drawing, etc.. ) - i'm 24 and i have to show to my teacher i want to success in grafics ! so i have to wait before modding another time ! ...:) ! i really want my case completed and i want a powerfull and well design case !
  2. i have to move on the coast for my summer job this sumer, so no update before september ....good hollydays !!
  3. the little left picture is an engraving of myself, but the little right picture is a part of the mod of _ferry_ , i will done something like this for my projetc , for the thop of case !
  4. voilàa défaut d'avoir eu assez de tmeps pour faire la découpe " complete " de la facade, je vous ai fait l'apercu final du mod, j'y ai passé 3h the cooldrive 3 : i will change de blue led by white led, then i will engrave the plexi...this cooldrive will be inside the case , over my Raptor 74Go 2nd hdd ( a samsung spinpoint 250g will use it ) a finale preview :
  5. i have draw the scketch another time not to have this curve on the bottom et this streight line on the top of the scketch :
  6. yes i hope the final case will look to my scketches too ^^ the scketches before the cutting stage :
  7. i will begin the front casemod, and i have done new scketch :
  8. sorry for not really advanced in the project, i hurted me saturday durin my surfing it's seems to be ok, so i might begin the front work of the casemod ( i though to make it sunday but i really can't walk or move my foot....)
  9. thanks, effectively, i use photoshop to adjust some contrast, colors,etc..
  10. i just have received some hardware, i have to go to take them to the post office, then i have until june 2 to do the maximum of work, because since the 3rd june i work as lifeguard in hossegor until 17 september. so i have to make the case ready ( without hardware inside and WC ) at least the 2nd of june ...
  11. i say that my pics wasn't pro because i'm not a professional ! ^^ however, i want to make good pics for each part of the mod, piece of hardware,etc... in this thread. for the rad, yes, it's a 3x120mm and it will be on the front of case ( not on the back, i such love his blue color that i think in front it would give a good style to the case )
  12. my toy for those pics : PANASONIC FZ30 what the case is today...before i give it some hardware, plexi, aluminium,etc... other pics : specially for the CM forum that's all for today..not so professional isn't it ?
  13. hi! the display is an alphamnumeric NORITAKE ITRON, bougt 20$ on a french luck !! it will serve me , for the T° ( CPU,HDD, and GC ) then for the winamp/ media player information, and to detail all my config inside durin some LAN ( with that display i don't have to answer people asking me " What sort of CPU do you have ? how many ram ? what's your grafic card, etC... " - now they just have to read the display to know ! ^^ ) the new hardware : BE CARREFULL ... piece of art ! , i just have received my "home made " reservoir, ( made by pierreg60 ) , i need a special reservoir with a spécifical size for this project ... just married ! the next hardware part will be pator74gb and a 250Go samsung spinpoint and a cooldrive 3 from coolermaster ( paid 5$ on a french forum )
  14. yep, i started the case design, i will receive a custom reservoir, and i wait it to get the general case design at final. so it might be in a flat position on the top : or on the bottom of case, like my first scketches...i don't know... my newVFD display , a noritake : whatthis displayu can do
  15. niktard

    [MOD express] my HTPC :: DSIGN IV :: Dark Angel

    hmm i don't know if this update is contrary to the rules because i would like to thanks particularlly a personn, name's Slaymate, on the hardwarehell forum , and he have send me 50$ to help me in my project, i can't say how i feel for what he have done for me , just its so exceptionnal that's i just want to show his kindness... modding is that : help the other in difficulties, that's all ! don't take care for the rest, i don't make advertising for their forum, but if you could consider what they have done as exceptionnal, so you could imagine that there are exceptionnal person in hardwarehell forum, they are American, i am french, and they just have help me to turn into reality thisproject , let me show you what they can allowed me to buy : a jig and a hot air gun to work better the acrylic ! thanks a new toys ! ( totalstyles is an french electronic shop which will sponsor me giving me some led and other part... )