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  1. Will someone from CM please get back to me on this problem, or am i talking to myself?
  2. Ron, any chance of getting back to me on this, and tell me how i get both power meters working?
  3. Ok, so i've used the square 4 pin plug on the slave power supply as the dummy load, just one problem though, the power meter for the slave power supply does not work when connected like this. How do we get both power supplies working and both meters working as well?
  4. i'm not so sure the 24 pin y-cable is the answer. use the 12v atx 4-pin supply from psu #2 and the 24-pin from #1psu. this works for me! Just one problem i have just found out with this solution is that the human interface meter that is connected to the power supply that is using the 4 pin plug does not work, but the meter that is connected to the power supply that is using the 24 pin plug works fine, anybody have any solutions as to how to get the other meter to work, would bridging the green and black (i think they are the right wires) on the power supply get the meter to work, and if so, would it be safe, and not harm the power supply?
  5. Whoopee, hey guys, is this the right cable?
  6. Your not the only one on this forum that has this problem, has anything progressed with this yet! After spending my hard earned cash on Coolermaster products! i.e Stacker and 2 Real Power supplies, i find that i can't use them both at once, come on guys, anyone know where we can get this 24 Pin Y-Cable from!