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  1. ok here are a couple of pics which may help ....... the first pic shows the silver button need to push this button in and at the same time slide the top backwards....only about a centimeter, and the cover will lift off...... next is a pic of the jumpers on the hard drive (the set of 5 double layer pins.............instructions for master/slave etc are usually in a diagram on the actual drive........but anyway as you are going to be using the drive as a storage drive the my suggestion would be to not have any jumper set ....which means the drive is configured for cable select. when you have managed to get the drive into the xcraft ....connect the cables and plug into a usb slot in your comp. windows with service pack 2 does not need a driver disc. next (if a new drive) you need to format the drive (instructions which have been kindly detailed by another member).........i hope this helps
  2. I have 2 Xcraft lites and they are no problems at all ....... first of all open the case ....push the small silver button close to the on /off switch and top will slide out............ second ....try switching the jumpers on the hard drive to slave or cable select......this should get your drive to be recognised in windows..........and thirdly you do not need a driver for xp...if you have service pack 2............hope this helps
  3. i have tried to order from this page .....but it will not let me choose a SHIPPING matter what i try.....i can fill all other request except the shipping method ...and it gives me the option of being in the UK
  4. Does anybody know where i can aquire this case..........i have tried all the Nvidia links.....with no luck..........if somebody has a link.....please post i would be very grateful
  5. i have been looking for sometime now as i want one to run the xbox as a stand alone and either of these 2 items will readily come out of there chassis and fit quite comfortably into 3 stacker bays .........i did find a 6" tv monitor but the bays are exactly 6" and wouldnt quite fit......good luck
  6. would these be of any help link 1 link 2
  7. have just finished testing the lengthening of the ide cables to make the dvd drive work from a ps2 (with the option of fitting it into a my stacker..........i would have to lengthen the two cables by nearly four inches ........but the voltage drop is two much and the laser wont i have to give up on that idea for the time being............i might try building a "Games Machine...with the xbox .....ps2 (slimline)...and a game cube all in a single tower
  8. This is the Stacker That i won in the Holiday Contest. After seeing another members idea (Saiko) and the problems he came across with fitting the xbox`s motherboard into the Stacker....He was right it was so close almost impossibly close........But after hours of lengthening and shortening of over twenty cables i finally managed to shoehorn it in ..........Still a little more to do with the tidying up of the cables but now it is all working fine I shoudnt have to many more problems............Hope you all like it....... Wish i Had seen the stealth mods before i started
  9. i do not have service pack 2 installed on the rig with the cooldrive but it runs fine enough without it
  10. the only problem i had whilst modding the connections was i plugged in only 1 of the black wires and xp didnt reconise the cooldrive..........replaced wire and all is well for system crashing maybe there is someone else on the forum that maybe has a little more knowledge on the subject i really dont think your problem is with the usb connections sounds like software
  11. hi hetzer........i split the wires from the block into individual wires then rewired and put new single connectors on plugged them all in the same way my other usb devices are connected and all is fine runs great i have actually managed to use all three motherboard usb outlets and have 6 usb devices running with no problems at all
  12. my Cooldrive 6 has a usb connector which is not of the same pin placement as my gigabyte mobo (the blank pin is in wrong place) it possible to remove the pins and place them in the right configaration so that it will fit my mobo
  13. no whitedragon the car is not my main comp (you will see pics of that very soon) i use it as a storage drive and backups mod is 5in dvd screen in rear window then it should do 35 miles an hour with windows running
  14. here are some new pics of my modded car ........only from camera phone ........but will try with camera later.....sorry forgot to resize previous pics
  15. i have been sleeving my power supply for the last 2 days its comming along fine i still havent found the molex connectors and the 24 pin atx connector will not fit in a scart housing no matter how hard i try........the 20 pin fits perfectly ferry..could you give me an address to get those sub-d9 connectors if poss