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  1. How are You Frenkie!? Hey PaPang - regards to You too... I am just sitting here and watching closely - to learn more of modding!!! (for now I have the time) Great One Frenkie...
  2. Frenkie and Paul, let's have some tea and rest for awhile... Howdy Frenkie!? Nice one Paul
  3. I log in just for this ... say for now... Nice one Bro! Inspiring...
  4. Frenkie, I'll be watching at the side line Bro!!! Great one, another trophy
  5. har, har, har!!! Not really, not joining but just watching you do the impossible mission act again! @PaPang, the senior president! sent you a PM reply!
  6. Go, Go, Go Maciel I think he's out there somewhere - Yo PaPang R U ?!
  7. Are Disqualified Coolermaster 2009 case modder allowed to compete Anew? sunnyXtremist here, reporting for duty Sir!
  8. Happy New Year Moddersmate!!! It's been a long time MstJuan,
  9. I'll still be dropping by for friends like both of you Golden boys!!! Nice one Jeffrey!!!howdy Mike! It's will be a very busy December!!!
  10. I really don't have anything against CoolerMaster, but I need to let them know that I am innocent with these accusation... I can't blame parties and will never will now, either CM for their reluctant bahavior on this issue nor the groups who I could accused of entry sabotage by voting me without my consent... I already have a peaceful mind now...Enjoy modding! ' ' ' ' for Satella Worklog - just follow me - Plus lots of modding revelations for the newbies and less fortunate modder without that expensive tools!!!
  11. One of the best modder in this world!!! I love your PSU-PC btw!!!