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  1. im from the uk, i wonder why they decided to supply different case fans here. i suppose i can always just purchase the 4pin molex to 3pin adapters online no big deal. but thanks guys for the help.
  2. that takes the.......!!! I never recieved those adapters thats so unfair man, what country are you from?
  3. they have adapters!!!!!! you sure?
  4. i hope so becuase im about to order some 4pin to 3pin adapters now. im just praying it dont screw up my new motherboard.
  5. hey guys, i recently purchased the CM Cosmos an just wanna know somethin about the case fans. i've got the case fans connected to my PSU, but really i wanted to connect it to the motherboard ASUS P5K-E mobo but i cant becuase the case fans have 4pin molex connecters. i was wondering if i purchase the 4pin to 3pin adapters, and connect them on to the motherbaord, will these fans damage the mobo in any way?. i think there likes 3 chasis fan connecters on the mobo itself. many thanks guys.
  6. Evil_Acid

    WaveMaster II

    that case looks nasty
  7. yeeah u can completely close it even with the knobs sticking out, i know becuase i got one.
  8. dont know about the hyper 6 but i got the star ice and i wouldnt recommend it if ur looking for something quiet, im planning on replacing my star ice with something else quiter in the near future i was thinking of getting this but i dont know when its coming out http://www.coolermaster-europe.com/inde ... E1+Susurro
  9. so when will we see some reviews for this case?
  10. Evil_Acid

    Black Stacker 830?

    i already pmd him btw, what do u mean by more than a competitor?
  11. Evil_Acid

    Black Stacker 830?

    If there aint gonna be no black stacker 830, im getting this baby.
  12. yah i did to 2.5ghz but reduced it back to stock performance becuase my cpu coolers too noisy got too hot durng summer. havnt overclocked the ram yet. thank for the replies
  13. c'on somone must know something
  14. hi guys im planning on buying a new quiet cpu cooler, will this be okay for all socket 939 cpus (my Amd64 3500+)? thanks! http://www.coolermaster-europe.com/inde ... _class=926
  15. what u mean? with them? of course, and u can phone em up and cancel.