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  1. Anyone has any idea on how to make an Intel pentium 1 case into a bedroom decoration?
  2. Overclocking programme

    how speed should i overclock for 3.0GHz pentium 4 CPU
  3. Overclocking programme

    which is the best Overclocking programme?
  4. Chipset fan on Asus a8n SLI deluxe

    maybe you can modifying these to become chip set coolers:
  5. Chipset fan on Asus a8n SLI deluxe

    in the meantime u should try to use coolers like stock cooler from nvidia fx series
  6. how to paint a fan

    how to tear it apart?
  7. how to paint a fan

    so do i just spray on it or wrap some parts that are not suppose to be painted.
  8. how to paint a fan

    how to paint a fan
  9. cool drive 4 problem

    it does not
  10. High Spec Gaming PC Cooling Advice Required

    looks kinda weird:
  11. High Spec Gaming PC Cooling Advice Required

    I suggest aquagate. Air cooling like hyper 6 would also be enough.
  12. The top part of my chasis where the psu is always get really hot before i polish it. Now after polishing it, it does not have any heat there anymore. Is this a normal thing to happen.
  13. Majorly inaccurate temperature probe.

    return to whom u bought it from
  14. VPU/GPU Keychain Mod!

    i tried that and end up with some cracks
  15. VPU/GPU Keychain Mod!

    if it is held on by solder go buy some solder wick and borrow a solder gun. its as easy as putting the solder wick ontop of the solder and placeing the solder gun ontop of the solder wick. just watch the solder wick suck up the solder. my problem is where should i place solder iron on