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  1. Btw mak45, the screws can only be opened by alan-type keys right?
  2. Thanks guys!! Sounds like a handful just to change one fan!
  3. My front 80mm fan just broke down. Before I break anything of the chasis, could someone show me (step by step) how to remove the front panel in order to access the screws of the front fan? The manual ain't much help, it merely says "remove front panel". Question is HOW? Thanks!
  4. Good point. I'll check this tonight. Thanks again bigbadbns!
  5. Thanks bigbadbns! I did check the pins connection and they all look fine to me. What else do you think I should check?
  6. Just bought this chasis last week. My problem is this: When I push the 'Power' button, the blue led light comes on. But my computer does not start. It only starts after I push the small 'Reset' button (following pushing of 'Power' button). Is this normal guys? Or do I need to do something to my BIOS? I am using latest Windows XP Home Edition and Asus P4P800SE i865PE SATA/GBLan/Sound motherboard. Thanks in advance!