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  1. Awesome! Inspiration inspiration inspiration... Gotsta makes me a mods of my own. It will probably pale in comparison though
  2. Merc? [Or Mercenary] CM Partisan would be cool Myrmidon? Cadet? Not sure if any of these are taken or anything.
  3. I love how that RAM looks! Cameras don't do it justice!
  4. The evolution of my computer, and me. [not caring to caring ] In the beginning, there was a mess of primordial liquids and the constant thundering of meteors striking the earth... Slowly, the earth began to change. Then it changed even more. Things were starting to become organized. ...Then the earth gained this Alas, with this gigantonormihuge addition, the earth went under a beautiful metamorphisis. And finally, the masterpiece was completed [for now.] The completed earth began its journey forth from thence. And it should guide again, ready to conquer all! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yep so that's it. Apologies. I'm tired. [That's an excuse.. ... ... ainnit'?]
  5. They're definitely not as popular here as they are over there, but that's why I like them. Not too mainstream, that's a good thing in a band. Yeah, Matt rocks [i've 'converted' three of my friends to Muse-lovers.. all they had to do was hear a few songs! [[i forced them ]]]. Quite a singing range. The Groove has to be one of their best songs... Absolution was okay, but a little to synthetic sounding for me. Anyway. It's good you got your CPU temps cooler than ambient; usually it's a little warmer. That's how mine is right now, and I take it as a good sign that it may be getting better airflow where it is. Up in the 40s isn't that bad actually. Cool enough to be stable yet.
  6. In that case, you're pretty much set with the 4000+. The 6600 will do anything you need it to. Also, it seems like you have enough airflow to maintain those temperatures, but slowly cool it down. If you want it cooler, if you haven't already, try organizing the wires and power cables inside your case to get them out of the way of any currents that could provide extra cooling. I've got a slight problem in my case with that, though I think it's about as cool as it's going to get. 43c for the 4000+ I would expect; that beast is fast. That's actually not that hot, if you ask me. My P4 is much older and slower, and I guess you can't compare since P4s always run hotter, but gaming it gets up to 45 sometimes, on air cooling. Inside the case though, 39-40 might be pretty warm if it's staying that way.
  7. I'd suggest saving some money on a new video card. My highest Aquamark 3 score is in my signature -- 63,658. Your processor kicks the crud out of mine, but my video card helps a lot. With a new video card you'll be able to pull that score up quite a bit, much further than mine.
  8. Fill it with some [competitor.. ] Stealth fans, 80 and 120mm, and it'll be the quietest most functional beast you've ever owned. I actually don't own one, I have [a competitor], but my friend here CHEESEWHiZ has one [like your example] and it's pretty quiet. Plus, with those Stealth fans which usually don't have a huge amount of airflow [although good airflow for the noise they put out,] the Stacker has plenty of other ventilation like the side mesh and front mesh, and it's very open inside.
  9. ASUS boards typically report higher temperatures than the actual [the ASUS Probe or any ASUS monitoring product] You may not have ASUS, though. I don't know. It may be the same problem.
  10. I meant, instead of sand paper and in addition to a rubbing compound.
  11. What wacft said: If it boots up, and things work, then it isn't fried until you find a problem with it. Also, have you looked at the actual board to confirm that it's fried? Lots of times people think it's fried, but it's usually the newly-processed silicon "ozone" smell. The flash of light is weird, though.
  12. If it's aluminum colored, not black, I recommend using "Fine" steel wool.
  13. The differences could be just regular images that are slightly photoshopped to enhance how they look; for instance, I like the Frozen CPU one the most. It also seems they spend time on making their product images high quality and high definition. I don't know, just a guess. And.. is the WaveMaster anodized on the front? Because that might be what keta is talking about. I know that the technique for the brushed metal of my LL door and chassis are different, and look different, but both are anodized.