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  1. i got a Presscot Cooler on my P4 it gots an Copper Core Cylinder like thing with Alu Surounding it it cools my P4 Northwood Better with the Stock Intel Presscot then the Stock Cooler i Got with my P4 and i cost me only 1,99 how about savinf a few buck for my New System BTW my Friend Has Finaly Make up his mind i took the Hyper 6 with an Cooler From Y.S Tech (same that comes With Some Preatorians i gives 40 CFM Air At 32.5 dba for only 12.99 Euros he got a good Deal Dont you Think !
  2. i Know that Some Brands gives you an option to use an Copper Heatsink BFG Technologys gives ther customers the option to buy or upgrade your 6800Ultra with an Copper Heatsink but as long it's an Refrence Cooler not a custom like ASUS or ABIT it should cost around 5 to 12 bucks worty of ther money copper dus his yob better then aluminium i can tel i have Pentium 4 Presscot cooler with a Copper Bar in the middle its an used one but better then the stock cooler i get with my Northwood Pentium4 that one whas 100% Aluminium but it runs now 7 degrees Cooler and that for only 1,99 :-) aint that ancost effectife way of gettng better cooling for your P4
  3. dude above the rules are No names of other company's Products just name it Brand X Cooler i did names some products and my post where Removed (edited Actualy) so keep this in mind an edit the post if you whant the Forum master get pissed off! Greatings anyway@ Coolermaster Forums
  4. I have since yester day the 6600GT AGP and that things runs good iam planning to give it a custom HSF but first some minor testing ! greatings guys ii mbaacckk
  5. BTw for the other dutch huy Make a Fem PPhotos of the Bracket and the HSF fan on it you Mentiont that i will not fiit exaclty goo right did you look for any movement of the sink mabe something is blocking its way tip for the Photos make a Top view and a side view of the socket then do it agan but then with your Hyper 48 on it but do it close dont whant to see th entire Heatsink just the bottom of it but its a gigabyte he maybe the DPS thingy is blocking it
  6. okay Sry for my first post here it just when i call other prodcuts i dont Always ment that they do it Better i use CM products for almost 12 years now got one TT but Replaced it with CM agan i always liked CM more there products always looks great and also preform Better then most other produccts TT is more overkill looks CM High Performance in an Neat way (like the Hyper 48 and 6 they look awesome and work Insanly good (thanks to the copper and Heatpipe and some Darm good Engineers) i dont know who edited my Post but it cool
  7. Yhea your right what i really need to know is the space Between the Heat sink and the PSU becouse it will send the air directly to the PSU but i need to know how much room is ther Between the CPU and Sink so that i can make a airduct for it to vent the air to the topfan to that the Psu wil not get any hotter
  8. Hey I Like CM More Abslutly but if a MUFO TT Dus his job better wll Sry ilgo for TT but i have read Some good things about CM Hyper 48 it gets the Temps From Load 44 to Idle 32 in just 14 Sec the Stock HSF dus it withing 27Sec so that super fast but i gona Controll it with the Musketeer 1 so i need to replace the fan its a panaflo 39,5 CFM aganst 32Dba aint so bast but thats an 80x80 MM fsn wonder how the 92x92 acts
  9. i Know how they look but i need to know wher the Ari will got to how much room there is left and all the onther things that are to much to talk about i get my system in 4 weeks so need to know if ther is anybody her who gota A8N-SLI inna Wavemaster/Praetorian with the CM Hyper 6 on the AM Chip
  10. Hi Can some one help me with this i can finaly buy my self a new pc and being a CM fan i gona use the CM Praetorian Case and Hyper 6 cooler but.. how will it look like inside so if any body has the A8N-SLI with Hyper 6 on it in a Wavemaster or Praetorian Please add an Picture for me in this thread Can some one do that for me ! Thnks for the one wo can do this 4 me
  11. [EDIT]Read the rules about posting in other languages and do not suggest other company's products in the Cooler Master products section
  12. yhea but its not always the Socket you know RamModules are that getting in the way or some Caps near the Socket you goto know if those small things dont couse problems the last thing you what is that your Cooler Fries your Mainboard becouse that little Capacitator whas abit to close to the sink 1 just a WARNING for all its Not ONLY the socker Applicane where you should look at the Dimensions of the CPU and try to ask Coolermaster or The Maker of you Mainboard About it to be usre to fit you Mainboard Without any Risks Hope i whas clear about this
  13. Receve ? WTH you mean is it if it Aprroved for it to use i once asked them abit Fatal1ty AA8XE will be able to use the Hyper 48 they told me to use a Asus type becouse many of ther Coolers will fit with out problems (but most of them) better ask Coolermaster this by Email gets you an clear and simple Awnser back in 2 or 4 days it helped me i found out that the Hyper 48 dos not fir the Fatality 100% good it can but with risks
  14. for only 193 euros here in holland you got the Praetorian black/silver at
  15. whe i once looked at alien i scared the :) out for realy my pants whent Black and Brown but hey whas like 9 yrs old back then now i watch it like its an cartoon but doom3 is also pretty sacrie