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  1. Stratus

    Help Needed About Side Window!

    just use some think window molding that you can find at any car parts store. I prefer the thin stuff as to the thicker, bulkier stuff. It's your choice though. Good luck!
  2. Stratus

    Photographing a lighting MOD in low light?

    I totally agree with what the other person's boyfriend said. The main things to remember is having it on a tripod and using the available light and your light meter on manual to take the best shot of low-lighted stuff. Great job!
  3. Stratus

    Grump's Wave

    I thought I recognized your handle. I agree about the mouse too. I'm sure you can do something creative with it. I'll have to check out your forums too! Later. =)
  4. Stratus

    Grump's Wave

    man grump, excellent paint job! I like how you even painted the other components and not just the case. Hey, do you chat over at Gruntville at all?