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  1. well that didn't take long! i noticed the top and rear fan had stopped working very slight tap on the power connector into the psu (which was fully home with the retaining clip in place) got them going again. i can't risk this when my hard drives could stop at any time (again) maybe i got a bad one, not sure but won't be risking it. as for the links to problems. if i can find them with google in about 30 seconds im sure you guys can (nvidia hardware)
  2. hello, thanks for the replies. there's nothing wrong with the psu (which is never turned off by the way) the only problem is the flimsiness of the connectors from the psu, where the cables plug in. i found similar threads on hardware forums and it looks like it's something i have to live with. if it does it again i'll look look at replacing it. thanks again.
  3. hi, spec below. have had 850 wat real power never missed a beat, been rock solid. but.. roughly every 2 months something stops working and disconecting the power lead (at the psu end) and reconnecting it solves the problem. the connections are poor. any advise how to make the connect more permenant/ reliable, i thought of maybe copper grease or gluing them in? thanks. msi k9n2 diamond phenom deneb 940 be 2x2 8500 ocz reaper 2 sata II samsung f2 500gb hdd 2 x msi gtx280 oc antec 1200 (psu in bottom) coolermaster real power modular 850 watt.