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  1. Ok, so now for the finish, I cut 2 pieces of acrylic, and use the image that I've said for the front. Also, since I cut out the power and the reset buttons I mange to use those electronical buttons on the top pannel and put some led for the hard drive and the power, I made those like that because I want to see it raw, but the acrylic is tall enough for a little protection for them. the paint for the other side pannel wal the gears letters. in front I use a 120 mm cooler master fan and the grill weas made of a perforated sheet tha I have for old mods. I really hope that you like it See you all next time
  2. Glad that you like it, now the continue of the logo, I change the blue leds for red ones in the 200 mm fan and engrave the gear for the logo the paint Job looks like this still have to paint the letters, and a few more things but that's going to be next weekend, I also started to think about the front pannel and the power button, now with the fan mounted in the acrylic sheet for the front panel I want to have 2 sheets of 3mm acrylic and between them I'm going to put this image Ihope you like it see you later!
  3. Glad to be here with all this great minds of the mod, I just want to somebody like my work since I'm not as advance as anybody here.
  4. I have to say: Wow, great start, What do you use to make the front panel, is it cardboard? i really like how it looks!
  5. Well a very late entry to the contest just to "make noise" here, since I dont have as much expeirence as anybody here, Just want to show the mod I've done in my free time, but for problems of moving place,and a few stolen píctures (and camera) I dont have much to shown here, so please dont be too hard on me please. The case I chose is one that I had screw when I began to make mods (about a year ago), painted already, bad cuts and a poor job with the bondo, so the best I can do is to try to rescue it and recover a bit of pride after this disaster: We began by removing the painting, a few sand papers, little painting remover, a brush, and ready! Well at least the best I could. My idea for the window is to use a 200 mm cooler master fan, so the two small ones have to go. Now, with a bit of momentum I decided to make the window with "smoke" acrylic and the logo of the fan I hope you like it, any comment is welcome, more to come soon...
  6. Great Mod, I really like the execution of this one, the colors looks great.
  7. More power dear mod brother! hope to see you very soon with all your tools and gadgets making art from a simple cpu case! Well this was my first contest both national and international, and now I have this for my resume as a modder. "first contest, 2009, position: last" it doesn't look so well, but i know a few modders in my country that can't even say that, oh well, this is a video that I have done showing the process of the mod, I hope you enjoy it. By the way congratilations to all the winners and to all the contesters! see you next time!
  8. Congratulations! you inspired me to be a better modder!!! great job! hope to see you in the next contest with more of your great mods
  9. WOW Just see this case makes me want to play Half life again, just wonderfull job, Lots of details! I wonder what is your next idea, and I hope you do it sometime, becuse all that talent can't be hold for much time. Congrats!!
  10. I like that ALL the computer has the same color scheme, the MOBO, all the inside, and all the Led mod is great, I'll have to try it some time, specially the dominator memory cooler, and the Hard drive, I always tough that the harddrive can't be opened because it was sealed for not enter particules to the drive, Congrats for the AWESOME mod that you did!!!
  11. Sorry to hear the leak! but I'm confident that you will repair it on time, BTW: I really like the LOGOS!!
  12. Thanks Papang, and thanks CoolerMaster! I lost 2 Kg since the start of the contest! (lol) I have to admit that I didn't think that I could be finish on time, and even if I know that you can submit an unfinish mod, I didn't want to do that, just as a personal challenge. since this is my first contest, I've learned so much that I have to thank you all of you for your great mods! you push me to be better the next time. See you later !!