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  1. Muchas gracias Maciel por mostrarme como haces tus moldes para obtener excelente acabado. Eres un gran modder, compañero y amigo! Lamento lo sucedido. --- Maciel thank you very much for showing me how you make your molds to obtain an excellent finish. You're a great modder, companion and friend! I regret what happened. --- Maciel, muito obrigado por me mostrar como você faz seus moldes para obter um excelente acabamento. Você é um grande modder, companheiro e amigo! Lamento o que aconteceu. --- Cheers and Saludos Amigo
  2. "Cussy" my Dear Frenkie (this is going to be good) is that you cuss out a lot of modders who are not up to your high standards. Cuss=vloeken, does it make sense? In other words "you pull their ears" for not being good modders as you see they should. I am a little like you but only when they mod for contests and DO NOT do their best work or to their best abilities. Being around you is making me like you hehe. I hope some of the modding sense rubs off on me. Cheers and Saludos Amigo P.D. You will do 3 mods IF you have work, remember the last time? I hope you work until you are a ripe old man so you can mod, hehe!
  3. Dave and Asgneto (sorry, I forgot) are right about seeing scores. The last time we saw the results live in real time because of the different voting system but in the end we saw what our mods were worth in votes. This was invaluable to me as a new entrant to the past contest and a relative n00b to competitive modding (my 1st on-line contest). For Asgneto, who won his category the last time, he cares for other reasons: how his forum mates did, how his friends around the world did and from this, advise them what to do. A lot if a low score, and not so much if the score were higher. He is just like that, a mentor and what a true modding master should be. Could this be done? The comp. was a success by any standards. A few words from the proud sponsors of this contest would be appreciated and great too! Maybe a few credits and recognition to the judges who's effort merit a taking-off-of-the-hat, is something that they would appreciate I feel. There were a BUNCH of logs to slog through after all. For your consideration as always. Cheers and Saludos
  4. Oh my/Dios mio, what happened? I was (and several others) expecting one of the 3 prizes/places for this grand project. This project had: 1) Size and complexity. 2) Meticulous detail and construction. 3) Innovative cooling and use of hardware. 4) A top notch worklog with clear English, important for this forum (take heed guys who are not native speakers, neither is Frenkie). A lot of cool tricks explained. 5) Savvy use of tools and shunning of third party subs. Excellent craftsmanship. 6) A great theme, carried out throughout, even to the monitor! 7) A NEVER before used item of the game, a charger. Many still relate to HL2 today. 8)Shows problem solving on the run. Aren't we tired of "perfect" logs? They are so unreal and make folks look like they never had a problem putting their mod together--not true! There is a big difference between a great modder and a "perfect" modder. The later is for Aesop's Fables, imo. 9) Great pics and video. 10) From a world-wide recognized modder (unfair to mention but it is a fact) 11) One of the greatest modding colleagues to have and has the sense of humor to stand guys like Sunny and me, hehe, and even throws the joke back! A great person in other words. 12) Is not a Nike model like Paul Tan, but a normal guy like most of us (kidding!). Good looks should have no bearing on judging mods (kidding again). 13) Charge has nothing to do with previous mods done by him. All are different. 14) Was finished on time 100%,it shows. 15) Within all the contest time constraints. 16) A made for the CM Mod Comp. 2011 original product, using CM products. What else could be asked? Did I miss something? Not complaining, just scratching my head in wonderment (do that a lot). Does anyone know why point 8 shows a smiley? Cheers and Saludos P.D. The ONLY thing I could point out is that Frenkie is getting a little "cussy" with age.
  5. Hmmmmm, the top or bottom one? Grading according to CM standards: Top) 71/100 Bottom) 92/100 The winner: MY GEAR by rikuntyudady. Congrats and thanks for the link! Cheers and Saludos
  6. Agree with the gentleman above, extremely clean and meticulous with a lot of thought put into to outstanding details without loosing the HAF's personality. Tough to do for folks like me that like to chop a lot but can still appreciate great work on another tack. A lot of stuff was learned but more than that, a new standard has been set for future modders who love their hardware and showing them in the best light. Someday I will give this type of modding a shot just to dispel rumors and take off some name tags (like the Flying Saucer guy ), hehe. Congrats for doing the right thing! Cheers and Saludos
  7. Well, I'll be, it is the first time in recent history that a desk takes honors, congratz! And yeah, I thought the video had no sound, that is until you tossed the coin on the top. If you take it to a lan, do upload pics! It will dispel the idea that it weighs a lot, is unmovable and that you need a crane to put in a double-axled truck, hehe. Kidding aside, it would be something to see how you mount it at the lan (a couple of sturdy saw-horses?) and of course, all the others ogling and the general buzz. Of course a small sign that says "Winner at the CM Mod Comp. 2011". Cheers and Saludos
  8. Well, this is a head scratcher....???? Great effort and in many eyes one of the best projects presented. Must be the taste of the judges (who are they?) and of course a lot of social networking is key to "popular vote" situations. If this is going to be a trend, time to start working your Facebook and Twitter accounts before a contest, but jeez, they do take time, time which is dedicated to bringing bread to the table, paying the rent, etc. and planning and doing a respectable project. Maybe from 1-3 A.M., you don't sleep much anyway (remember the "sniping" in the last contest we were in?), hehe. Sometimes it may be our own appreciation of how things should be when the convention of the contest is at another point of view. Being "edgy" has its risk. Sometimes it is well seen in some circles but not so in others. I tell my forum mates (the ones who listen) that tastes vary from forum to forum, and contest to contest. If you want to win, you have to bend your personal rules a bit to make your mod more "palatable" to that particular audience. Using the same mod for another contest? Redo it in a version 2.0 to accommodate that audiences tastes. Mas did it and it worked. He picks up things real fast, not only in mods. And he is willing to listen (most of the time, hehe). I believe that a good project should enter as many contests as possible to exploit it for what it is worth. I like to mod but just can't crank out more than 2 good mods a year as compared to others (you know who). I just sit and watch and applaud on the side-lines like now....and learn. We never know enough to stop learning and I don't mean just techniques and materials and so on. Topics for more discussion later on as I hope to bump into you down the road. For now: Bravo Alex! Cheers and Saludos
  9. Well, a typical Boddaker mod: A winner! Congratz on an awe-inspiring project that a lot of us can use as inspiration to do bigger and better things. Thanks for that! It is a big step up from Mai Lin, but the chosen theme was the clincher and of course excellent execution. I guess most of us are a little older than your daughter, hehe. One of your trademarks is that yours mods are so different, something I try to do but on flying objects (some sort of fixation) but the astounding thing is that you are willing to work so many types of materials. One material you have not used is wood (watch out slipperyskip!) but I suspect that one day, it will happen. Once you get the hang of it, you will move on to another material and technique which means that you will be busy for a veeerrryyy long time. As usual, learned a lot from your great worklog but a lot will have to wait till we get a laser cutting service (first one went belly up) here in my town and for prices to go down (charge twice or more than in "developed" countries and will not take mail orders!). But as we know, all laser cuts can be done by hand but take way longer and have small irregularities, usually not visible unless taken in macro pics with a fast lens. Of all your mods, this might be the apex so it will be interesting to see what you do the next time around. It will be a tough act to follow! Cheers and Saludos
  10. Just had to lay the last one on ya'. Yes, older modders still kick butt! So take that laser and cnc cutting/assembling whippersnappers! Old school is alive and kicking and appreciated here. Cheers and Saludos
  11. Congrats Master Paul! A great pride to your country and your mods. I hope it continues until you reach a ripe age like me, hehe. Did I tell you that you could earn a living as a model? Joking but you are way more "photogenic" than the 3 countrymen of the last contest...and did I mention so young? However, you are one of the quietest and most modest modders from the Pinoy school. You really should work on that but that is just me. SunnyXtremist and Cham_e_lyon were my brothers in chats, comments and jokes in the last contest. I know that if I met them, we could talk and laugh for DAYS, even with our bad English. We still drop lines every once in a while just to keep in touch. They are not only great modders but great persons, something that is not easily forgotten. You are now a proud representative so you should polish up your PR (public relations) and open up more to let us know your humor, thoughts and ideas....again just my thinking bubbling. Winning is not exactly everything in mods and not everyone is a modding machine as some of your compatriots have been saying. Let the world know different...again my opinion. I too have an agenda for modding in my part of the world. Good to know I can still see a deserving mod on first impression. Cheers and Saludos
  12. Well, you know what it is to compete in this prestigious contest and run like crazy to finish. I know, it happened to me, hehe. A great experience nonetheless and now you know what to expect for the next one and can tell people what you think about what is needed to come out ahead. I hope they listen to you more because I found out that if a person has "the urge", there is no stopping him/her. I tell them that the first time is ok just to see what it is all about but the second time, it has to be taken seriously. That is, if you don't want to "burn" your nick with a bad project and mod. I think you agree that, the more prestigious the contest, the better or worst will be more easily remembered. I don't want to be remembered only as "the flying saucer guy" and you the "rivet guy", haha. I preferred not to enter so as not to submit a sub-standard mod. Everyone expects us, if we win, to make an even better mod. I think we should not let them down and also NOT let ourselves do good but mediocre work. If we are going to help form a new standard for Latin mods, we have to be consistent and push forward toward excellence and creativity. It would be bad if poor Latin mods show up in these type of contest. It would only prove to those that do not have faith in our mods, that they were right all along---that modders in L.A. are not ready for "prime time". Kudos for the effort, but too bad you did not come out ahead. Don't let the Argos fans down and frustrated/disappointed! It would be good to comment BEFORE the next contest so that we can have a unified criterion. Cheers and Saludos
  13. Dear Jeffrey, I REALLY sound serious but hey, congrats and kudos on a very worthy 3rd as this year the contest was really fast and furious (the modding, not the movie)! Thank goodness someone upstairs heard our pleas (your hollers, hehe) and things are much calmer this time. I just hope that CM decides to do this contest on a FIXED DATE, even if every 2 years, so we can better plan our projects (I know you ran a bit & completely got me off base) and open up categories for enthusiasts but of lesser levels. I know I wouldn't want to go up against you so that could tear me a new one, hehe. I am still running to catch up but damn, you keep going ahead full steam, and yeah, it MUST be the age. You youngster never tire, sighhhh. I think someone ratted out Maciel cuz he started his project around 6 mo. earlier but to me, it was his best to date and if the rules were "flexibilized" to take into account late registrants and non-finished mods, I believe it would have been credible to give him a break. In this case, it is the contest's loss not to have him compete because he has gotten world-wide acclaim for Kratos, even though he can hardly speak English (and thus could not appeal his case). Bro' sunny? I cannot pin him to any commitment even for the next one. You know, he just kids me around. Maybe as his beloved "American Idol" (btw, can you sing?) you can get him to put his money where-you-know-what-is. I gave up, I just can't. Finally, "social networks". If you and I want to pile in more "popular" votes we have to jump on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagons and start early to whip up our followers into a frenzy by voting time. NO FARMING (offer $10 usd for each vote? Then what is the point?) allowed by our rigid standards (and Frenkie's), just popular support (huhh? Def don't understand myself sometimes). Well, time to let it all sink in for you and just wanted to say some parting words and thoughts and bounce them off you. Let me (us) know because you know you are one of the "three wise men" (well to me). Your Older Lil' Bro', Cheers and Saludos
  14. Bravo for the winners of this year's contest! Congrats to the CM team, not a single feather ruffled this time and all seems quite all memorable and distinguished contests should be. GREAT! More than competitors or "show-offs" we sort of forget that we are a community with one thing that distinguishes from the rest---modding. We are more in a sort of brotherhood in which contests keep our juices flowing and keeps us on the cutting edge, something that is necessary to keep the hobby moving ahead than what a lot think otherwise, might be a cut-throat competition. And yes, some of us are proud to represent our individual countries because who might think that a country like Columbia (my forum mate Tortured_Soul) would have a modding community. Granted, it is still in diapers but when a modder from a Latin American country (not Brasil, we know what level they are on) stands out if only with a third prize, it is a real accomplishment and more so that this was done on a world-wide level, cooool. I'd like to say hello and take my hat off to another forum mate, Masbuskado, who though is in the USA, he is firmly tied to modders south of the border (southern hemisphere of the Americas). Some great mods were overlooked or under-rated but I would think a lot has to do with their worklogs. If the worklog is NOT IN ENGLISH, detailed and is not an easy read, although the final product might be smashing, a bad log drags it down. It may be unconscious but it is a factor so non-english speakers take heed, please. It is only logical! As my buddy Asgneto says, although we might not have participated, we slogged our way through a bunch of reading (not just looking at pics) and for whatever the reason we could not share in the fun, WE WILL BE BACK (I hope). Kudos to Cooler Master for continuing with an iconic contest, one of most distinguished in the world, and hope you sell a bunch so we can get together again for more fun 'n games. I also hope someone pays a little attention to the suggestions which were not entirely mine but a result of a lot of emails, chats and comments in forums, to make this an even better event. The panel of judges and popular vote combo seems to have worked out fine as was suggested the past contest. Hope to see everyone again the next time around for more bodacious mods and bragging rights, hehe! Cheers and Saludos
  15. Ahhh, so very small and cool looking, a plus for any living room or casual computing as you said. Congratz on some great mini-mods like the psu (clever), and showing what can be done with modest tools, inspiring for the hobbyist here. Picos are not for OCs (that I know of) or high fps in a demanding game but are some of the most compact and energy efficient systems available. It could set me down another modding path once I get over my gaming phase which is still going after almost 20 years. Best of luck! Ciao, Cheers and Saludos