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  1. Really nice start and good luck with the rest! Instead of applying that much isopon and waste it is better to use some fiberglass paste and only a thin layer just my 2 cents! Good luck buddy do your best
  2. Thanks guys I really appreciate your support and comments it means a lot!
  3. Really nice mod my friend, I like your artistic approach to the theme, well done!
  4. Thanks guys much appreciated!!! I will continue with the final update and pictures! I have added some di-noc carbon fiber for an extra touch (haters dont bother cause I proved my self already) and also added a red led which can be plugged in HDD Power or activity! Enjoy!
  5. Interesting! Cant wait to see how it will turn out!! Mod on bro!
  6. We were talking about winners and modding. Do I have to say more? I dont know if their is a bigger fan of yours than me but for sure your work rocks my nerd world!!! Brother do what you do best, I dont have to say more. Mod on man I am always impressed! (especially those custom Nautilus fan grills are yummy!!!)
  7. Pretty interesting concept my friend, good luck with the execution!! Mod on!
  8. Bro I always appreciate your comments and thy presence!! You know that the same goes back at you, my admire and my gratitude! Your words always means a lot!! You know that I always try my best even with the most simple tools ( a little showoff of skills is always ok I guess jajajajaja) and hope for the best!! Thanks again bro! ViVa La ReVoLutioN!!!
  9. I would like to welcome you to my this years entry which is going to be a scratch cooler mod based on Coolermasters V6GT Cpu cooler! I am going to improvise once again so expect constant changes and a theme based on abstract art. So lets start! Here I fully disassembled the cooler. The only part I am going to use is the heatsink and the fans. The main materials that I am going to use with my creation is aluminum and acrylic. Here I use some aluminum angles for the main part which is going to connect the heatsink with the custom body. First I created two same pieces for each side but afterward I changed my mind and used only one as I changed my original plans! I am using the most simple tools for that creation as I wanted to enjoy this instead of using laser or cnc which I have easy access to them. Back to basics for more modding joy and to showoff my skills!!! Testing the holes for the main screws. 100 % success! Adding the thread inserts for the fan screws. For the top part I used a 5mm clear acrylic piece I had spare lying around which it was already bend too! Also removed a piece from the aluminum part for maximum airflow. Next I created a piece out of 2mm aluminum for my custom fan holder. Took me a while to cut and file it due to the use of simple tools! Here is the creation of my custom fan shroud. I used a 1mm aluminum sheet which I bended on a 120mm surface by using a plastic hammer. Mark it in order to cut 2 same pieces. I draw a 120 mm circle in order to make sure everything is bend properly. I connected the 2 pieces with 5mm X 2cm acrylic which I filed into the desired shape. Next part is the piece which is going to hold the shroud on the main top part. Simple tools and files were used so it took me a while! I used an aluminum grey spray paint I found accidentally in the DIY store which turned out to be so strong imitating almost powder coating! I removed the frame from the fans as I am going to make custom ones. The fan stickers are the same I used for the Future Schlock Project I did in the past. More parts from acrylic were created for the top part and more will follow!! I also polished the shroud holder instead of painting it! Thats all for now guys, thanks for watching my work, till next update, peace!
  10. A true artist and one of the best modders if not the best! Keep up the amazing work my friend I always admire your work!!!
  11. Fantastic work I will say again and again!!!! Mod on man and good luck with the contest! VIVA!