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  1. [Final Pictures] Thank you so much for watching... I hope you enjoy it as I did... Good Luck to all the modders participating in the competition... you are all winners to me!!! Mod on and let keep it alive for eternity!!! Viva La Revolution!
  2. Remember Cover v1.0... well... it didn't fit in the case... so I went back to the design room... take some drastic measures and I was able to keep the original design after doing some major changes... so here is v2.0... After fusing some Coolants and came up with a nice custom color for the liquid coolant... Coca Cola "Blue" Next: Final Picture!!!
  3. After 39 hours of sanding (3 days sections) I was finally happy with the contour and smoothness of the case... so it was time to primer coated... I was able to find my favorite spray paint brand here where I live now... I almost forgot to mention the outer cover that i designed for the project... not really I was keeping it as a surprise...
  4. The original design didn't include a GPU so I decided to add one... and some MoBo and GPU covers in the process... so it was time to hit the designing room... after 14 non-stop hours... I came up with some that I like... we are going to called Cover v1.0 for now... took the design to my local laser cut shop and voila...
  5. After over thinking the first idea / concept... I decided to add an extra view... so now you will be able to see the hardware from the back as well... is like a 3D view now... It is time for sanding and detailing...
  6. I decided to use the bottom and rear panel of a prototype I made in 2011... For the Reservoir... Clear hard line for the loop... The custom curved reservoir... Rad mounting hole...
  7. Idea and Concept directly from head...
  8. masbuskado


    [Hello World] I just want to say thank you to Cooler Master and the Modder Communities for keeping alive what we start so many years ago... Thank you!!! This will be my first most in 2 years... back in days I just used to do 4 or 5 mods per year... now it took me 2 years to get back on track and find my mojo... so guys... I hope you enjoy this project there isn't a lot of pictures like I used to do back then since I have a full time job now and I was only able to work 2 hours per day in my project after work and some weekend. I even lost my north when my father past away so I keep quiet but now is the time to get back in the modding scene. I know some of you don't know me and some do know me personal and virtually.... re.born is a Scratch Build that I have going around in my mind like for 5 years... It was the perfect time to build this project. The name come from my absence as a modder. Now is the time to come back and bring back my "A" Game... If you have any question feel free to ask I will keep an eye or 2 in the work log when I get home from work... Breakdown: Tools: - Power Drill - My trusty Dremel 395 - Saw - Screw Drivers - Tap & Die - Electric Sander Material: - Fiber Glass Resin + Hardener - T-shirt (2) - Cardboard circles - Acrylic Sheet - Acrylic Putty - Body Filler - Screws - Washers and nuts Hardware: Cooler Master Silent Pro (PSU) Cooler Master 135mm (Cooling Fan) ASRock FM2 (MoBo) AMD FM2 A-10 6800K (CPU) G.Skill Phoenix III 120 EVGA 650ti (GPU) Kingston Hyper X DDR3 16GB (Ram) Koolance (water pump) Black Ice Radiator 120mm Heat Killer (GPU Water Block) Koolance CPU370SA (AMD Water Block) Primochill Revolver Fittings (Black) Alphacool Fittings (black) Total of Hours: 231 (39 hours of sanding and detailing) Normally I do some sketch and have the hardware first but this time I decided to go a little bit crazy and start draining all the idea and concepts I have in my head directly into the project... skip sketch and 3D design and hardware so let see what we found down the road that we can use for this project. Hope you like it... Thanks for watching!!!
  10. [Day 13] Assembling... Painting and soldering!!! [D]ark [N]ecro [A]rmadura
  11. [Day 12] Custom Paint Job... [D]ark [N]ecro [A]rmadura
  12. [Day 11] Making the Intrinsic Rigid Loop [D]ark [N]ecro [A]rmadura