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  1. Ok beginning to get a bit more of a picture now. Some kits i noticed have their pumps and tanks mounted in 5.25" bays such as the aquagate and a couple of others. With kits such as the asetek waterchill, the pump and tank obviously do not fit into a bay. How are they mounted, screws or another method? With the radiator, is it best to have an outflowing or inflowing fan as I've read to contradictory reviews now and was wondering which would be best. Also, in the 2nd picture you posted, is there any reason for the seemingly different tubing at different points? Thanks, Ben P.s. What's the blue tank on the side of your case. That looks nothing like the resivior of the asetek waterchill... Thanks
  2. I've just been reading a review and installation guide of this. Looks quite promising. However, none of the guides I read specified where the resivior and pump are mounted. Would you mind enlightening me? As for the type of software; its MMORPG software which potentially holds 1000 players+ obviously depending on the internet connection. It really is very cpu intensive.
  3. Yeah I did know this, and the CPU intensive software I will be using according to experienced users, does take advantage of dual CPU and 64 bit processors. I will be running some quite intensive server software, while also using it as a pc, often at the same time. This is why it needs to be quite a powerful system. Didn't know that. Will look into how the software affects a single processor and whether a single processor will be sufficient. Many people I've spoken to about this have been running Dual Xeons purely because they're more widely available however I'm not very partial to Pentium systems, I've always felt they peform on a lower par. Whether that's opinion or fact, I'd still like to go with AMD. Any recommendations on AMD CPUs for performance if I do opt for a single CPU solution? Athlon 64 FX-55 any good?
  4. Case hasn't been decided yet. I think I need something with at least 5 5.25" bays, or more if I require two aquagates. This is to house a DVD ROM, and a CD rewriter, an existing Coolermaster: Cool Drive 4, and an aquagate. Having never built a Dual cpu system before, I was wondering do they fit into standard ATX cases or are special ones required. Also, I presume they still fit all standard components (PCI etc)?. Anyone recommend any cases? I've only been able to find a couple and they haven't been suitable. Any idea what the case in: http://hardocp.com/image.html?image=MTE ... 8yX2wuanBn is? As that case seems large enough, nicely laid out in termsn of organisation of hardware and has ample storage space. If not that case, something similar? Regards, Ben
  5. I've been told that dual AMD systems are possible, and I've been recommended the AMD Athlon 64 FX-51. However, members of my household complain about the noise my existing system makes which only has two fans and in truth is actually really quiet so low noise in my currently being planned system is paramount. This is why I'm looking into water cooling. However, with dual AMD Athlon 64 FX-51s and a VPU to cool, I need something quite spectacular I would presume unless I use multiple water cooling systems(preferably not an option). This will be my first water cooled system so something moderately simple would be ideal although I accept this may not be possible. I'm looking for recommendations on methods of cooling this presumably high temperature system with absolute minmal noise. Regards, Ben