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  1. Dear Friends it has been a long time since last we spoke, But I have been very busy with work and study. Currently i am thinking about my next Oil project which this time I shell try to make a better project. The drawbacks that I had found in my first project where the types of material. For next time the materials are all ready being under experimenting the type of materials and bonding materials. Also this type of project will get a very different concept of oil cooling and a different material. Best Regards MstJuan
  2. lol i had fun and got ideas. i will for sure participate in next years competition.
  3. thanks for the person who votes for me at least i pleased some one
  4. Finally tonight no modding just me and my tv and some nice cheesy pizza
  5. not now for me i will started in January. for now tests only to see how material behave.
  6. i would like to try something new innovative like the oil think. but something else .
  7. no no no no fights just chatting now that we are more relax i am all ready thinking about next year project. wink.
  8. There are 3 grand prices one for each category By Voting There are 9 runner up's prices three from each category. BY voting and 4 prices which will be split between 4 people. Chosen by the sponsor
  9. Nicky 40 prices? no no there are two for runner up's and one big for the first of each category and 4 which are chosen by the suppliers that get's us to 16 right ?
  10. That is bad tony i only hope that your Project will be there when a next contests comes along......