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  1. heyy which way to travel the world, truly original work yours even the color of the paint is original.
  2. If they are here at the end of worklog si estan aqui en el final del worklog bye mexican men.
  3. these crazy everywhere, thanks papang loco estas por todas partes, gracias papang
  4. Wow really cool, I love that image, there is blood in, this live I leave mine to his collection
  5. fortunately not participastes, se had put the thing really difficult afortunadamente, no participastes, se había puesto la cosa muy difícil
  6. would have to gather courage to ingest tendría que reunir el coraje para ingerir congrats papang for you best prize
  7. jojo gracias papang por estar ahi siempre jojo thanks for always being there papang
  8. thank to all I imagine so many things to modear I have a project that remained before killer HL box, army project, that's just the advance, will be a secret until the cooler master modding contest 2010
  9. hi all I'm that explodes with joy I received one of 4 special prizes (ZOTAC GEFORCE 8200-ITX WIFI) this will be my bridge to the next work, thank, thank all now in my country is 23 October and are the 10:14 am, and it's my birthday Congratulations to all from Argentina
  10. hello, coolmiester, I saw his work H2o3D in toxicopc forum, good work friend..cheers from Argentina
  11. good work I love as is the cosmos mod
  12. really good this alive,and the blood is green in my city carbon fiber and water cooling is really but really expensive, someday I'll have one inside my cpu, good job saludos.