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  1. Hi I'm sure others have posted this, but I can't find the info. I'm looking for some help with either how to get my older DVD burner cd/rom to fit in this thing or some newer options that people know fit? When I try to install my cd/rom into the drive bay they just won't fit. I've tried several of them and they just don't fit. They are both older cd/roms but aren't they the same size? HELP!
  2. I'm having issues getting my HD fan's installed on this unit. The screws don't seem to fit correctly. I'm using two Nochua 120 mm fans. What screws are people using to install the two hard drive fans? I've tried all the screwed included and none fit. I purchased the fans off of ebay and screws weren't included so I thought I would ask.
  3. Yep! It's the top bay. Maybe I'll try the second bay and see how that goes. I was just going to buy a external drive as I always like the idea of having the front of the case clear of extra stuff. I do like the screen you have on that picture provided.
  4. I haven't tried to put my dvd player in all the slots and I only want it in one spot. I agree that a 5.25" device should fit in a 5.25" slot. That's kind of my point. I've had 6-8 cases in my day and never had an issue like this before. The issue is that I just try to put the drive into the slot and it's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The thing just doesn't fit. It's a standard DVD unit and it fits great in other cases just fine. In fact I just had a another coolermaster Cosmos case and it fit perfect in that case.
  5. I'm not able to get my 5.25" DVD drive to fit in the opening on my QTCS840 case. I've never run into this before it just doesn't fit. My DVD player is Plextor DVD/CD rewriter made Dec 2003 so I'm not sure why this won't fit. Any one else have this issue?