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  1. Thank you so much Al But there are so many other mods that are just amazing here.. I have a lot of competition but even better, I have got Awesome Friend's like you.
  2. Enigma8750

    Derek Smith Mods

    A Look at the Cooler Master influence of my mods as time has past.
  3. Cooler Master Cases have always been a favorite of mine for building. The classic Elegance/strength/ and build quality is hard to beat. While CM is not my only Choice when It comes to Modding Builds. It is the first that I consider.
  4. If you are interested in Who Really Make our PSU's we will let you in on our Secrets.. Here is a Great Website that tells all about Who makes our wonderful power supplies. http://www.realhardtechx.com/index_archivos/Page364.htm
  5. ]Jesse.. Such an Awesome JOB !!!! LOVE YOUR WORK... HAPPY MODDING
  6. CM should Mass Produce from this Proto-type.. Love the concept and it would give BitFenix a run for its Prodigy.
  7. Amazing work and detail. Your use of space is extraordinary. The Theme comes second on this for once. I really love the Stacker and I wish they still made it. it is such a classic and timeless design.. I am glad I own one because I will Mod Mine Again.. Thank you for this Inspiration.. My Hats off to you for such a Superior way of dealing with all the aspects of Modding.. FTW.. Enigma
  8. Wow.. The concept and inception is incredible.. Awesome work as Always PoLoMoD..
  9. BEAUTIFUL... I LOVE THE STACKER and this is a GREAT BUILD.. Very Nice Wire Management
  10. The Stacker looks great.. Love the Silver / Blue theme
  11. Great Work... Your prep on the paint was great... the window mod is really nice.. Awesome Job.. Looks factory.