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    Aquagate waterblock Cracked!!!

    in regards of waterblock, basically you can buy any 3/8¨ waterblock, you may need to change the tubing though, but personally im using the Zalman ZM-WB2 waterblock, that has application for p4-amd64-amdk7, as well as different plugs for tubing sizes... and the best thing at all, is that it doesn´t crack.
  2. stainbox

    Aquagate waterpump information!!!

    as some of you might know, my waterpump on my aquagate system died, i decided to buy a better pump, since i dont really care about the warranty, for the ones that want to buy another pump in the future, for those who want an upgrade, or just want a little better performance, here´s the brand of the pump and all the specs that it has. As far as i know, this is the version 1 of the pump, which i could not find anywhere on the internet. Brand: Hydor (known good brand for watercooling setups) Model: Seltz S30 230V-50Hz-9W. The pump is actually 600 L/H, which i think a 700 L/H pump won´t hurt anything.
  3. stainbox

    Aquagate- Is my cpu too hot

    i got a pentium 4 3.0 ghz, 800fsb, and i got temps of 36 load and around 34 idle, and in hot days maybe 38 under load. not to mention, i live in panama, this is a tropical country, so it might be hot somedays, though im using a better waterblock, all copper/aluminium. which i think that made my watercooling better, since the original waterblock from coolermaster cracked and i lost my video card and motherboard, im going with another waterpump, since the one from coolermaster died as well. but your temps are pretty high even though the crappy original waterblock is not the best on earth.
  4. stainbox

    Aquagate waterblock Cracked!!!

    ok andrew... thx, but just 1 last question.. can you plug that pump into the aquagate with no problem at all?
  5. stainbox

    Aquagate waterblock Cracked!!!

    im really sorry to hear that it happened to you also.. im one of the first ones that experienced this problem, i think that the fittings are to tight to the plexi piece on the top of the waterblock, to the waterflow makes it crack after use. i lost a mobo and a video card. i posted here thinking in a replacement, but i didn't want to take the chance of going again with the waterblock. so i Bought another brand, all copper/aluminium, that performs better. anyway i was going to ask you. what pump you used with the aquagate system? since mine died yesterday and im looking to replace it with the same pump or a better one. you are the 4th or 5th person that has a cracked waterblock.. and i think there are more to come. this might not be the right time to ask you about the pump, but if you can answer me, i would really appreciate it. please post me the specs and brand of your pump to check if i can buy the same than yours. Thanks, Pascal.
  6. stainbox

    Aquagate pump died! :?:

    my waterblock is way better than the original coolermaster one, though, i would not take a chance, to get another coolermaster waterblock... what for? to crack again? coolermaster wont pay me any cent for a bad motherboard and video card though.. thats not their business.. im the one that went with watercooling at my own risk.. though the waterblock i got is performing better, and i can trust it, since its pure copper/aluminum. again... i dont really care about the warranty i already voided it a long time ago. i replaced tubing and stuff.. aquagate is not a bad product at all, but it has small defects that can be fixed by moving to better components.. thats why im asking.. if theres a good pump that i could use in exchange of this one, or at least the name of the manufacturer of this pump which i know its italian... i bought the coolermaster because it was the only one in my country, otherwise i would had bought the components all along.. like a big radiator, a peltier unit.. etc etc. but thats why im here... to ask the same people that own the same product i do.. to check if they had used any other pump.. though the pump of the coolermaster is only 175gph i think.
  7. stainbox

    Aquagate pump died! :?:

    any answer yet?
  8. stainbox

    Aquagate pump died! :?:

    Hello everybody, if someone remembers me, im the one that opened, the first post saying that the waterblock on the aquagate cracked and it took down with it my mobo and my video card, i got replacements for my video card and mobo, but besides getting a replacement for the waterblock i decided to go with a Zalman waterblock, all copper and aluminium.. thats right.. it might not look as good, but it performs very well, i managed to chew the tubing to make it bigger and fit into the waterblock fittings. But here´s a new story, today i was on my computer, and suddenly the device began beeping at me, the temperatures went up to 65, so i checked again when it cooled down, and i didn´t hear the pump, nor see any air bubbles indide the tubing, so i think my water pump died, from the beginning, my watercooling system was not very good at all, since the waterblock cracked and fried some stuff in my computer, now i got this situation in which i had to go back to air cooling, i noticed from the beggining of my purchase, that the pump made a clicking noise, that didn´t stop that much at all. As a matter of fact i knew that it was not air bubbles creating that noise, in fact, it was the PUMP!!, so now that the pump died, i want to ask this... what other pump can i use? i know this is a small pump and im not looking for someone exagerated, not to mention it can´t be that big, since it would not fit inside the aquagate casing. i know its an italian pump, and also heard that there´s a revision 2 of the pump, if someone could give me the brand of them pump, or a link on where i can buy it directly, i would appreciate it, since i once diassambled the whole aquagate but i don´t remember the brand of the pump... any help is greatly appreciated. Regards, Pascal.
  9. stainbox

    Aquagate waterblock Cracked!!!

    hello, im getting into this forum because im kinda upset with the new aquagate i recently got from coolermaster... everything was running perfectly fine with idle temps down to 36 degrees celsius... one morning my sister was gonna turn on the computer since its a server that provides internet connection to the other computers at home.. when i woke up i found that my computer suddenly froze... i was very surprized and when i opened the computer case i found that magically the waterblock was cracked in one of the sides and it was leaking coolant all over the place.. i managed to take it apart and to clean a little bit, however my motherboard died due to this problem. I live in Panama a country kinda far away from the U.S and im checking if somehow this waterblock can be replaced... im asking myself if this happened due to temps, use of coolant or any other weird situation... the crack is all the way were the hole is located over the plexiglass and its so big and thats why it leaks... i dont feel comfortable because i thought i was buying a good product that would not leak at all but it made me feel very sad to know that a part inside my computer has to die to figure out that i cant trust the plexiglass waterblock.. if theres any solution to this situation or it can be replaced by sending me a new one i would really appreciate it since now i gotta waste money in a new motherboard... i also have pictures for the ones interested...