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  1. Same here Mindless Moron. I would rather have a clear window with no default etching. This Centurion 5 one is kinda big and blocks my view. If there must be one, I wish it would be somewhere on the bottom right like the CMStacker. Something more like a car door decal rather than splattered like that. the same for polo shirts hehe. But I am not sure how I could go about taking the thing off. Too bad the CM side panels don't fit the C5. I was also thinking about decaling the right panel, it'd be great. Perhaps some stencils and a nice color (shocking pink! lol) spray paint.
  2. Yeah zerospace These thing are cheap in Hong Kong. I grew up with anime but don't know a damn about gundam. At least not as much as you I bet. I think I've only watched the first 2 episodes and got a set of Gundam Wing dvd here but didn't finish it yet. I got this one cuz it's a nice sized one with a blue theme. No assembly required and guns and stuff is just stuck on tabs. That lil piggy is a present from someone.. and it glows in the dark so when I turn the UV off it stays a while hehe. I've also "modded" the back 120mm blue led fan somewhat by sticking a layer of blu-tac on the leds to make them less bright (pffft i know, comparing to the true modders hehe). Would prefer a green uv silent but all stores are out of stock here. Mindless Moron, thanks
  3. Thanks man, but that's exactly what I've tried I live in quarry bay and usually visit the island side stores, but for the past 2 months I have visited almost every store there is, except shatin ones. The only ones left are the 120mm blue or purple. Since my case is strong on the blue accent, I would like something that sticks out especially I see the exhaust fan quite often. I already bought a blue LED fan from CM but it's just too bright so I put blu-tak on the leds and now's quite cool. But would rather have the silent led version green. What part do you live in btw? Any good store recommendation besides mongkok, ssp, and tst? Thanks.