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  1. Yeah I am prolly RMA'ing it real soon, but I am running out of personal time and hauling 19" crt is no fun The reason I can't go samsung is cuz they can't do 1600 x 1200 at 85 Hz. And I think this is the only monitor, besides the discontinued Sony G400/420 and the ultra expensive EIZO that does it. Just wait till I get more time and I prolly get a replacement.
  2. You won't believe how lazy I am people.! So I got this 19" the other day and spent so much energy moving it and adjusting screen for every single resolution and at the end I noticed something wrong, the top right corner had what appears to be a magnetic interference thing. Did a lot of research on the net and noticed that it could be my sub woofer, and after moving it around and stuff, it's still there. So I guess it's the bad monitor. I really tried everything. Then when I was moving the steering wheel around getting ready for some NFSU2 action, I noticed that when I moved the wheel close to the monitor, the color went away. Hmm must be a magnet in that wheel correcting it. So I searched the house for a powerful magnet and came up with the spare PSU, hanged the PSU on a special orientation and it worked! but attaching the PSU would be a problem (I know, up to this point, you'd say just RMA the thing. But I am so desparate to try out the 19" during the weekend I had to do something). More searching and I found this spare HDD, so I tried, man this works even better. I used velcro. Below is the before and after shot. I am guessing the magnet will prolly do permanent damage if I leave this on for too long, but I am also guessing that this "damage" might actually fix the field / phosphor. Another thing is if I deguass the monitor while the hdd is on, the fixing effect dies. So I might have to reattach everytime I turn on the monitor. Let's see how it goes a few days later.
  3. the 2 big ones are rounded ide cables. the white ones are sleevings.
  4. Wow mak nice you really get to work quick . It's much better than before but at the top right picture, anyway to clean up the cpu fan wire on top of the NB sink and that psu wire beside it? I know your case is loaded but see what you can do.
  5. Miyagi, if you ever find a way to remove the C5 logo please give me a ring. Mak45, the power cables are a bit messy, if you don't wanna go thru the trouble of sleeving, at least twist them 20+ times so they stick together. I find twisting before sleeving easier also and some PSU manufacturers are already shipping their PSU with cabled twisted.
  6. I am using the centurion 5 of course ... ndpsu2.jpg
  7. Yes you can, the mobo will stay where it is when you remove it. The side panel has nothing to do with the mobo. Don't worry. And get a piece of cloth ready to clean off some dusts that got thru from the vent holes there hehe.
  8. Yes you can, but only the room beside the 3.5 bays are usable, it's a great place to hide those ccfl's inverters
  9. AH!! my eyes!!!! j/k Nice car btw haha. Is it R/C btw? It'd be cool with all the room, you should just put a bit-charger tiny RC car in there and let it rip!
  10. To amend, my ambient now in hong kong is 24C, the cpu idles at 29C, load at 47C. I am using the XDreamIII HSF from coolermaster with arctic silver 5 cured. May your OC journey be prosperous (oh boy time for some more ST:TNG haha)
  11. Gargx32, Here are the details of my OC with the 2.8C. At ram ratio 1:1. that is without timing selected in BIOS, my only stable FSB was 215 = 3.01 Ghz. This is with stock voltage 1.525V and Ram running at 430 data rate. However I've turned the BIOS ram timing from 400 -> 320 (5:4) ratio and upped the FSB to 260 to give a final of 3.64 Ghz. voltage at 1.55V. with a ratio of 5:4, it means the rams are running at (260 x 2 / 5) x 4 = 416 data rate. As you can see theoretically, the ram can go up to 430. That means I still have some room to OC, but upon trying a higher voltage and higher FSB combo, the machine failed to boot at 270 FSB. It got too scary and I just leave it at 260 heh. The ability to OC a particular chip also depends on its steppings and lot. The one I have is D1 stepping. to find out the lot number, read the box label. To fine out more info about your CPU, google on CPU-Z. For the CPU OC database check this:
  12. Please be very careful when you squeeze the black knobs, that's how I broke mine off. It actually snaps.
  13. You yank it uniformly from all side, bit by bit. Best to start from bottom. If the DVDROM drives get in the way, remove the drive first or you'd tear out it's bezel. I already broke 1 leg off my centurion 5 bezel hehe, 5 to go.
  14. bronney

    What do I trust?

    What is your mobo and why do you want to change the stock NB heatsink? NB sinks range from $4 - $40 - watercooled for different reasons. If you're not insanely oc'ing your mobo, a 5k+ rpm fan on the stock NB sink would do fine.
  15. epidemik, I've heard cases of WinXP reboots when the Northbridge got too hot. My 2.8C does that at 265FSB and I think it's the NB holding me back. Eventhough you're not OCing the cpu yet, try putting your finger on the NB heatsink next time if it reboots. If you can keep your finger there for like 5 seconds it's not the NB then. I am guessing a bad air flow within your case. Please show some pictures. Thanks. Hong Kong gets uber hot btw
  16. VoongKoong, It's noisy eh? I actually modded it a little. Disassembled the onboard controller, bypass that with a short on the potentiometer, plug that onboard molex to a 3 pin adapter and hook it up to the nexus 201. Weeee.. controlling speed form the front hehe. I found that maybe it's resonance effect, the fan is actually most quiet when half speed instead of slowest. Osiris, Great to hear I am too chicken to go water cooling hehe.. afraid it might leak and hong kong's no good. Too humid even without water in the case and any amount of dusts turns to gum.
  17. Hey Osiris, I have the Leadtek 6800GT and if you take a look at this card, you'll notice how putting a fan card underneath it might not blow enough air on it since the whole thing's closed in that plastic enclosure. But the truth is that the fan card in close proximity actually helps. It doesn't look that way, it even look like it'd block the stock air flow but it didn't. Before I installed a fan card, the idle temp was 55C and load was 70C. With fan card, idle is 49C and load is 55. Hope it helps with your OC.
  18. Very nice. Is there anything you can do to hide the ATX big black cable? And how did you sound proof the box? Would like to sound proof mine and if possibly dust-proof it at the same time. Thanks.
  19. Thanks a lot for the comments. I think it took me 1 min. to spread the AS with credit card. I tried the bb size method but it wasn't dead centered when I squished it so I spreaded it manually. Let's see how it goes a few days later.
  20. Alright people, installed some AS5 on it today but I didn't follow the heat spreader instructions in AS web. I had a feeling that the squish isn't gonna be totally centered and when I pulled it back up it's not dead centered. So I cut up a stupid membership credit card thingy and start spreading it perfectly. The result is a nicely covered square with thickness less than a 90 gsm paper. The temperature is the same for now as the CM grease supplied but will post results after the set in hours. Thanks
  21. Thanks Osiris. A lot of work though, and changing things around. Tonite I am getting myself some AS5 and an NB sink. Refit the CPU hs, and do the NB. Just hope the ASUS wire mount would fit. *crosses leg.. uh I mean fingers*
  22. scooby yeah! But I only use it for photoshop and illustrator because besides those I am usually gaming. And for gaming I only need 1 display The performance still drops somewhat when I use dual. Took me a while to find out that you could set "acceleration -> single display" under nvidia settings when gaming under dual, but it's still not the optimal performance. The really weird thing is, I actually have to unplug the vga connector from the card physically in order to have a full single display performance. Once I plug it back in, eventhough I didn't enable it in the display properties, 3dmark will drop automatically. But yeah, duallies are perfect for production work hehe.
  23. That'd be cool. From my experience of wearing spectacles for more than 20 years, glass is much more scratch resistant than plastic. I wonder how to mount it though. Are those bolts treaded?
  24. oooookay no movies tomorrow nite.
  25. gibbo, You sure that's a thermal pad and not the circle copper cylinder right? Like if you touch it it sticks? Cuz I just installed an XDreamIII last week and there was no pad. Just the compound in the syringe. Voong, does AS5 really make a difference? I am gonna get me some on your words And uh the XDreamIII didn't come with a stencil so would you recommend making one? And out of what kind of material? Cuz the first time round I didn't use a stencil and just scrap the sides with a credit card thing.