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  1. pyrate951

    Which case?

    Yes that was a typo on the power supply it is a 1000w. I really do not think I will be adding anytghing yet. I just do not like the way my case looks and how everything fits. The ps plugs for the video card have to be plugged in before you install the card or you are not going to get them in and to get to any of the hard drives or cd drives the video card has to come out. So I just want something bigger. i spent alot of money putting this togeather and did not resurce the case very well. Plus this was my first build so have learned from my mistakes. lol
  2. pyrate951

    Which case?

    This is my current set-up Antec 900 case AMD Phenom 9750 Asus M3A32 MB Redon HD 3870 X2 Ultra Chilltec CPU cooler 100W ps 4 500Gb hds My problem is that I hate my case. It collects so much dust that it is imposible to keep clean. It is not big enought to really look good with the cable management. Most of the cables are on the bottom of the case collecting dust. It is not a bad case just not what i really want. but I can not decide between the Cosmos S and the Cosmos 1000. They are both sweet cases but do not know which way to go. Any sugjestion or comments would help out alot. Thanks