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  1. Really amazing job mate!
  2. That's right, my friend. I hope CM will get in touch with you.
  3. According to the thread to which you posted a link, CM said it was a mistake and offered parts since they can't refund customers.
  4. thehawk

    Modded Stacker 830

    Nokytech is just a French news website(like Dailytech) and according to their article, it will be CM to release the cases.
  5. If I'm not wrong, many use this:
  6. thehawk

    Modded Stacker 830

    I know mate but didn't want to open a new thread. Now I realize I should have posted in the "CM Stacker 830 Versions" thread
  7. thehawk

    Modded Stacker 830

    The orange is the one that I prefer
  8. thehawk

    Modded Stacker 830

    Yeah, but preferred not to add the images to keep the thread somehow "light"
  9. thehawk

    Modded Stacker 830

    Read these will be released by CM in the near future: ... 531-a.html
  10. Yup, that case is amazing and I bet it's even better at night
  11. thehawk

    New generation 830

    Oh yeah, I second that, it would basically mean another 3.5" bay.
  12. thehawk

    New generation 830

    Yup, THIS side panel and THIS door are more sexy
  13. You're welcome mate. The stand of the case makes it seem like a sculpture, a piece of art, very well done again