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  1. One more thing; a short video impression, you can see/hear after the PC has booted and windows has started the programm called TrayPlay. This plays @random tiny sentry sounds with empty(silent) MP3's.
  2. Final images of the mod. 1 Thanks everybody for your patience and see you next time !
  3. Routed the powersupply connection to the exterior, and mounted a intergrated fuse and on/off switch. Added more heat-pipes and 'techno' crap. And here i've added more CO2 canisters and a extra circuitboard ( which is also handy to conceal wires )
  4. How to switch my CM Sirius OFF? And ON? for now, I need to go to my windows-configuration and disable my speakers to get the Sirius to take over !? WTF?
  5. On special request I've mounted the panels to the body for a overall shot... I have a lot more work to do; symetrical alligning both panels, adding more stuff to the PC, etc.. The rear with the PC ports...
  6. As the PC part is almost finished, I can go on with the sidepanels. A Portal Sentry without weapons, that is just plain wrong . So I used two cheap-:) toy guns for mockup. ( it seems using real guns aint allowed... ) The black inlays are way too big, so I decimated them quite a bit. Made from old CO2 cartridges I made two mockup munition-belts. Two design speakers will make the Portal-sounds blast out. Just need to clean up some wires here and there. One of the guns with a munition-belt. I decorated both sidepanels with all sort of techy looking junk for that alien-tech look-n-feel. I had to make some alterations here and there because I can't make a 100% mirror-image.
  7. Fixed the PC with a small HDD, an old powersupply from a Dell, and added some heatpipes at random, just for show ( this baby won't get hot, trust me ) After this shot, I assembled the lot an added more heatpipes and techy stuff to give it an "alien-techy" look.
  8. This part is about the PC in the mod; a Gigabyte E350N, big thanks to Bernice Slot!. Used some old Adata memory strips. With the aluminium brackets, it looks like this. Almost forgot to mention the antenna on top of the mod.
  9. Back from holiday, so back to modding; this is the part where I use a Larson Scanner in the top of the Sentry Turret. A Larson Scanner is named after a Mr. Larson, he invented the "Knight rider" and "Cylon" light sequence, back in the 80's. This kit is from Evil Mad Science, great site for all you evil mad modders This is the print where I modified the LED seatings to wires. This is the top of the mod, where I marked out the circuitboard.\ For testing purposes, I let the battery compartment attached to it, but that will be fed through the PC later. A layout mockup of the LED's.
  10. On the frontside I had to improvise again, but I intend to mount an "eye" there, made from a car-rearlight and a small laser. This is the "eye" from one of the original Portal Sentry's. To copy that 1 on 1, was not my intention, I didnt had the materials for it nor did I feel like it. I found at my favorite chinese gadgetwebsite this read tail light with 30 red LEDs. Very clever made with 5 springmounted arms. Right in the middle there they left a hole large enough for my small lasermodule. I'm feeding both with the 12 V of the PC through a small converter circuit.
  11. Here are the pictures of the original Portal Sentry layout.... and my adaptation/interpretation of the tripod legs I made from iron bars ( concrete-iron ? )
  12. Added a supersmall windows xp, which ( just as on my R2-D2 ) uses a small programm called TrayPlay in the startupsequence. This play MP3's from a playlist @ random. I filled this playlist with lots of Portal Sentry onelines as you may have heard in the game. Beside those, I've added a lot of "silent" MP3's from 10 seconds to 2-3 minutes.So... you might hear 2-3 minutes totaly nothing, just silence then suddenly a oneliner blasting from the onboards speakers. :-)
  13. Another game, another casemod. This time I'm building a weaponized robot sentry from the game Portal. It has been done before, so I won't score on originality, but that didn't stop me from building my version of a Portal Sentry Turret. The base of this case is a design thrashcan from Ovetto. Total height at this moment is 130 centimeter. So it's kinda big I will be posting buildlog pics as we go along, hope you like looking at them as much as I found making them.
  14. Ah I see now what you mean. Yes, I can be cussy. Like Bill Owen said:"I hate Beige", I have another slogan:"I also hate square" So, if you really want to piss me off, present a square beige box and say you modded it. hahahahahaha! I have steady work now for a year allready, so maybe thats is also the reason wht Charge wasnt so elaborate as I wanted to. I have plans for three new mods in my head and started working on all three for research. Havent decided yet which I should do first. So many mod-ideas, so little time.....