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  1. Not sure if you are all aware of this but I have just had an email from Coolermaster saying the water block for LGA 775 will be released Q1 2005. Cool !!!
  2. Room temperature is reported as 28' MBM reports CPU 5' higher than whatever temp the Aquagate reports if that makes sense.
  3. Right i have my Aquagate up and running on my P4 3. Prescott. My temps are as follows. Idle 32.2 Load 34.8 (Highest seen so far) Is that about right? And how can I be sure these are accurate, I am paranoid!
  4. Is it possible to use the Aquagate cooling system with a socket 775 motherboard/CPU I can't see anything that says it does or doesn't support it out of the box. Are there any adapters available to convert it to socket 775 support. I love my CM kit and don't want to buy anything else!