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  1. It's pretty but if it dosen't hold voltage and if it's not super quite, then it's not for me. I'll have to reserve opinion till I hear one.
  2. Natural

    Grump's Wave

    I finally got some time off of the odd shift hours I work and decided to browse the rest of the forums and made it here... Grump, outstanding work so far! I've seen some manufacturers offerings of the Wavemaster painted and such but I wasn't very intrigued by their offerings. Your choice of texture and bling looks outstanding however. I believe that's the first I've seen of that type of powder coating although I have seen a similar paint finish by Krylon but I was wondering... Did you polish the aluminum or did you have someone else do it? If you did the work, can you list the steps? The surfboard, toombstone, or whatever CM call it looks very trick! This weekend I'll begin moving the componets I have in my Wavemaster to the Cavilier T04 case that should be arriving today or tomorrow. The CM 620 model case currently serving as my HTPC will end up on my desk as I prepare the Wavemaster for A64 hardware. While the Wavemaster's on hold, I'll have some time to play with it a little myself so I'll be keeping an eye out on your progress... and no Grump, I promise not to copy unless you and I just end up with the same ideas. ...and I do have a few ideas!
  3. NP bigbadbns, I doubt you knew their website had been hacked. If you have a way to contact them though, you might want to send them a message so they can purge the site.
  4. Thnx Grump. Although I've got antivirus, it's not good to help spead it to guys that don't.
  5. Strike the question I was about to ask... I saw pic's of the case with door opened which answers the question. Can someone remove the Village Photo link from the T02 - T04 pics thread please, when I clicked on it, Norton antivirus caught the JS.Scob.Trojan!inf virus trying to sneek in from their site.
  6. I bought this case Thursday based an the fan spec's published on Cooler Master's product info page before seeing pic's of the case here and in Viper Lairs review. I was hoping to aleviate heat induced problems in my current CM 620 case by buying this one What I see in your photos are two small fan holes in the rear of the case, which is entirely different than the posted spec's. CoolerMasters stated specs are as follows: "Ventilation One 80 x 80 x 20 mm Front Fan ( intake ) One 120 x 120 x 25 mm Rear Fan ( exhaust )" Two 60mm fans total area are a little more than half of the area provided by one 120mm fan and to move the same amount of air requires more rpm which also means more noise which is not good in a HTPC enviroment. I'm really perturbed about the misinformation given since I've already purchased the case and expensive fans that were a "supposed" fit for the specs posted. What really gets me is the fact that most merchants are pasting the same info onto their websites with the same front pic of the case oblivious to the fact that they are misleading consumers. I think someone needs to get their head out of their behind and straighten this mess out before some oppertunist sees easy money in court.