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  1. You'll have enough power. I would definitely recommend just getting a 9800GTX though. You'll see a lot better performance and it's only $40 more than the GT. ... 6814143137
  2. That's over $300 when converted.
  3. Could someone please ban this guy?
  4. Are you sure it's not the fan that is broken? I had a similar issue like this and it turned out that one of the blades on my fan got bent and was hitting the metal bracket.
  5. I would also suggest replacing that passive cooling. There' really no reason to use passive cooling on a video card if your other components are being cooled by fans. As someone mentioned earlier, I would also get RivaTuner. I use it and just have it run my fan 100% on my video card. I've got an EVGA 9800GTX and it's at 38 C now idle. My room is around 22 Celsius.
  6. My best guess would check the PSU. Take it out of the case to a different room and jump the wires to turn it on.
  7. If you are looking at the fan and see the concave side of the fan fins, the air would be coming toward you.
  8. This looks like CM's reply to Antec's 900 case.
  9. I'd start out with an air cooler if it's your first build. Air cooling is getting close to water cooling, in performance.
  10. Are you sure the buzzing isn't coming from your video card? A lot of the newer high end cards buzz if you turn the computer on without it's power hooked up.
  11. The main motherboard power needs to be connected so that one of the green and black cables are connected, if i remember right. You can easily jump it with a wire to test everything out.
  12. The beep you were used to hearing was probably from your case's speaker. I'm not sure if the 830 has a case speaker, but if it doesn't, that's why you're not hearing it.
  13. While I wait for the release of Intel's new 45nm Q9450 I've been trying to overlock my 3500+ as much as possible. Here's what I have everything at right now. Idling at 37 and 44 at load. CPU Memory - Corsair 2x512MB XMS XPERT PC3200 What is a safe voltage to go to for my CPU and how much further do you think I could get with my CPU?
  14. Sinner. If it weren't for government funded armies, then terrorism would be more out of control than it is now. Countries could be invaded by individuals if it weren't for army. Wars have been fought for thousands of years, and will continue to be fought.

    Socket A?

    I might have one in my basement. I can check and if you would want to buy it I think it would be fine. The box says it is a CP5-8JD1F but it clearly isn't. I'm checking the internet to find the actual model number. It looks like the DP5-6I31C