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  1. an asrock 939dual sata2 mobo. the capacitors are very close the the NB chip. had a zalman47j and one cap actually touched the lower edge of it . the temps with it were up around 55c in BF2; double . put a 40mm fan on the stock heatsink and the temps are a bit more reasonable, mid 30s or so. mobo designers need to be reeducated. thx edit: http://www.asrock.com/product/939Dual-SATA2.htm this is the other choice: [Mod Edit]Please do not link to sites about a competitor product.
  2. actually, i was referrin to what's on the vid card http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/8071/sunp00417ov.jpg
  3. new rig pic. can't say what i put on, but some might recognize it: http://img55.imageshack.us/img55/4616/l ... 02b1nr.jpg
  4. warmonger

    wood pc?

    those are nice. zero, those ones at the bottom were in maxPC, i think. seen'em before too
  5. *activates transporter and beams 710-GX1 out of warehouse*
  6. go ahead and remove the top filter. not much point in filtering air on its way out. did that with mine and had no probs
  7. one suggestion. the blowhole fan. if you wanna get rid of that zip tie, doesn't really look the best, get a glue called goop. i had to use that to secure a 92mm evercool blue LED alu fan to a thermalright SA97a, cuz the clips wouldn't fit, and 3 outta 4 80mm fans, the same type, to the case interior. that stuff works very well, tho it reeks and has a hazmat warning on it
  8. one company has a 1kw PSU. fry, baby, fry
  9. nice rig, mo. only one thing i'd change ,tho. replace that ribbon cable with a rounded one, maybe uv reactive even
  10. WMD, built to destroy....intel/nvidiot
  11. sorry zero, but still red x's. no worries ,tho. still saw them on your site:). what was the idea you had re: a round hole i had mentioned a few pages back? did the idea you had work out? hope so
  12. [Moderator Edit: Derogatory comments about coolermaster staff/branches are not acceptable here, if you wish to make such comments please go elsewhere.]
  13. can't see the pix anymore. just red x's now edit: saw what's on your site. , it's gonna be
  14. you should look into getting a modular PSU
  15. my advice? get your peasant unworthy tenants some cheap A$$3d biege box and keep this work of art for yourself loaded up with very worthy parts, like AMD and ATi