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  1. good point, last thing you want is to be looking for new parts.
  2. nice work, good to see a yellow wave.
  3. OCG

    What is this.......

    money talks i know, i hope the 830 is not on the block....lol
  4. OCG

    What is this.......

    its not a take off.....look close, its right out of the box, just changed the label i mean, come on.
  5. OCG

    What is this.......

    sorry for the link.....just bitter
  6. OCG

    What is this.......

    hey CM is great, but man why sell out thes case....
  7. OCG

    What is this.......

    [ModEdit=Merovingian]Can't mention competing products even/especially in this context. And yes, that is a total rip off. man i think this sucks.......
  8. OCG

    Praetorian RC-730/732?

    180 with tax and stuff, her is a pic modded her already. will post a pic later. [/img]
  9. OCG

    Praetorian RC-730/732?

    Well one landed at my door yesterday, i have had a couple of wavemasters before. the main diff is minor, but i like the look, the build of the front and drive system is nice and clean, really just a update with a 120mm. i like it, its a step up from the wave.
  10. OCG

    is there a

    not from coolermaster, that i have seen. but you can get one from...performance-pcs.com they are good people, cool stuff.
  11. i have ordered 2 cm windows black and silver, both from bigfoot. if you call them they can get em.
  12. does the front meter come in black?
  13. The case would look great with CM window, that was tinted black.....