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  1. I think the case temp really varies depending on what you all have in there, and what kind of air flow impedence there is. depending on what kind of CPU cooling and Video card you have will affect it quite a bit, same as how many HDs you have.
  2. Ouch, I'll keep thinking, but I cant see very many more ways of mounting a larger fan.
  3. Unless you want to get an adapter, and mount the fan outside of the case, it dosent look like you have much of a chance of switching the 80mm exhaust fan to anything bigger. If your good with sheet metal or acryllic you might be able to make a home made adapter for the inside. More work that I think is woth while. maby mount a fan on the case door?
  4. I can right away tell you that all the fan stuff is possible, it all depends on how much money you want to spend. I dont know if CM would special order a black case with a silver door, you might just have to get a silver case and paint it. Almost all of it depends on how much time, money, and creativity you have. As for weight, well, is'nt the case alluminum? I dont think you can get much lighter.
  5. http://www.coolermaster.com/phpBB2/view ... sc&start=0 There is a previous thread on different types of barings.
  6. I forgot about those things. I got nearly a dozen of them from Ikea now.
  7. It seems to be a popular question weather XXXX component fits in the WaveMaster. I remember this with the Audigy 2 pro I/O panel.
  8. Yes, lots and lots of em....I can count 4 with in a hours driving, 2 with in 20 min driving.
  9. Ha, I think 550 is high end, maby even 600. I was going to get a Enermax PSU but then CM came out with one. Quality seems the same just more astheticaly appealing.
  10. Meh, I'm just using the CM parts because I like them. But I have vowed to modify just about any product that goes into the case. I just wish it was possible to get it done in time for the contest.
  11. A hex screwdriver, try Canadain Tire, or Sears, or just about anywhere that sells tools. (Don't mean to sound pretentious or anything:)
  12. When can we get some details, I was going to get hte cool Drive 4. Now I may wait if i like the upgraded version more.
  13. I hope I don't need one, if I do its because I screwed up cutting the panel or putting in the window.
  14. If they don't have a clear one, and dont want to be cutting your case...get the blue one and take mesurements of the panel itself and get a pice of acryllic cut to match its demensions.