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  1. I got Stacker for my other rig when i opened it i couldn't get the Tray off i thought it was faulty then i just put in the Box again what are we to do?
  2. GR8 m8 but can u post some better Pics and some Guide to ur Mod!! ThnX
  3. hhehe niec i m also goona Use this MOD thNX
  4. WaYYYYYY SweeeeeeeeT m8 got Meself ideas Tooooooo i m also Modding some Stuff
  5. Welocome to Stacker ClUB You have to Do some things to offically Join the Stacker Community
  6. I'm confused. hehe it's still don't say it's not a MOD
  7. I didn't say anywhere it's NOT a mod....
  8. This is to Kind Attention to Wayne; Fairly Well Done on your MOD; "BUT" it is too Simple to be called a MOD. but it's your first step and hope you'll reach your goal. as you grow your skill and creativity and put on real life things will look better and different and you'll be more apprecited. as life goes older you'll still be remembered as an elite mod. or (MOD) but some things are better to be left alone and untouched. My 3 cents. Cheers. ;0
  9. Nice But it's hard to Remove the Front Panels and if wanna take out like CD-Rom drive i have to Open Both SIde Panels any ideas?
  10. ThIS shld be covered in the warranty shldn't it??
  11. Hey ECHO i think u have pLaned your Future very Wisely maybe u shld use Tie Wires for ur ROOM :P
  12. Nice StacKers /me Always Getting Tempted for geting New stuff for ma baby stacker and geting IdeaS