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  1. rmorse27

    Hyper 48 install?

    i did find an old p4 mobo hanging around.looks like it works with original p4 retention bracket.you might to remove the universal one for p4 from your package to eliminate future headaches.i havent installed yet in my main pc just tried it on old board looks ok.i am torn between staying with my aqaurias 3 water cooled or changing to hyper 48.thanks for the help guys sorry about the caps.
  2. rmorse27

    Hyper 48 install?

    read the instructions for yourself,the universal retention bracket they send you has no holes for screws and the heatpipe doesnt sit flush either.the one they show in the directions looks alot different than the one they send you.
  3. rmorse27

    Hyper 48 install?

    The box comes with an universal retention bracket ,they tell you to remove the one that comes with board and install universal one.Problem is the universal one doesnt have any screw holes to attach it to mounting bracket. [Moderator Edit: As Mr. Miyagi said, please don't "shout". Thanks]
  4. rmorse27

    Hyper 48 install?

    Plus the company i bought it from tells me they wont take it back.I am not a noobie when it comes to building pc's,so before anybody buys this item beware it doesnt fit a p4 478 socket.
  5. rmorse27

    Hyper 48 install?

    I just bought the hyper 48.Looks sweet only 1 problem, it doesnt work with p4 like it says.The universal retention bracket is not the correct item.