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    Dual PSU

    Like, which ones? I had to kludge mine in, and it ain't pretty. jh
  2. Uhh, how exactly are you cooling those drives? Drives need cooling? The Supermicro has a 90mm fan to do the trick, and I'm using Seagates which run very cool overall. No issues. Is that a question? Statement? If CM does rackmount stuff, I can't find it. Are you referring to the drive cages that CM sells? If so, they really aren't appropriate to what I'm doing. jh
  3. Using a 3ware 9500 series. Very solid under Linux, if not the fastest in the world. The newer 9550 series offers a drop-in upgrade, and i might look into it.
  4. Supermicro CSE-M35T-1B. About $115 at newegg, pretty decent quality, too.
  5. Imageshack burbed, let's try the "light pic" again...
  6. Two shots from the end of the build, no other pics, sorry Should get the point across, tho. jh
  7. I did build the machine, although budget forced me to scale it back somewhat. The final build consisted of 10 SATA drives - two for a mirrored boot volume, 8 more 250GB drives for the main raid. I used a 3ware 9500 series controller and a Tyan i7520 motherboard with one 3 ghz Xeon. Supermicro 3-to-5 drive cages were the last major component. I currently have 4 free drive bays, and can free another by removing the DVD drive installed. When/if I add more storage, I'll likely go with higher density drives so I don't have to remove the power button bracket. If I keep what's in the machine, I can have 6 more drives (one 3-to-5 cage, and one hot swap caddy, giving me 6). Or I can remove the DVD and go with one 3-to-5 cage, and one 2-to-3 cate, giving me 8 more drives for a perfect mirror. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Coolermaster had added Nocona mounting holes for the CPU, despite their warnings in their literature. The machine performs very nicely, and is rock solid under Linux. Let me know if you have any questions. jh
  8. PCI-X. Two of them, either Adaptec or 3Ware. Abit is selling some interesting boards that use consumer CPUs, but "enterprise" chipsets. So, you can get PCI-X on the cheap. Plus, they offer built-in gigabit ethernet either on the PCI-X bus for the AMD version, or bolted right into the chipset (as Intel is want to do). Very good values. Good info. Thanks. 400 gig drives are too expensive right now. I price them on a per megabyte basis, so 400's are not a good value. 200's are the best value for larger drives, at about $.55/gig. 300's take that up to $.66/gig, with 250's in the middle. 400's are over $.90/gig, a terrible value. So, I'll need to balance the price against the size that we need. And remember, with RAID 5, more drives mean more performance and less wasted storage. This not only needs to be big, it needs to be pretty fast. Since cages are "only" $120 each, saving on one or two cages doesn't make a huge dent. I have a whole spreadsheet for this, where I end up with the price per gig all-in.
  9. FOP, Your avatar... Your dog? I put mine up, a French Bulldog JH
  10. Halogen- Thanks for the info. The plan was to put in four 3-bay-to-5-drive hot-swap cage, allowing me to put in 20 hot swap 3.5" drives (and have a huge amount of storage). I'd put in link, but since CM sells something similar, I figured it'd be bad style. The cage has bolting screws top and bottom, so putting it in isn't an issue. I'm wondering if I could drill/melt holes in the bezel above the top bay and reposition the power and reset buttons, and the drive/power leds. BTW, the project will likely consist of two RAID 5 cards each driving 10 drives, striped together via software. Going for a 5+ terabyte storage result. Should be a fun project. It's either this, or find a case with more 5.25" bays They're out there, but man are they fugly. JH
  11. Before I buy my Stacker, one quick question: is there a way to get rid of the control panel, and get the use of the 12th bay? I want to put lots of hard drives in this puppy. Answers/suggestions appreciated. JH