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  1. just wondering - my cooldrive 4 keeps on reseting after turning on/off computer.... it is getting sooo annoying! anyone have this happen to them before? fans/lights -- they all go back to normal fan at high power - and lights blinking away.... me!
  2. any mods have any insight into this? it seems like if you have just enough juice giong - then it won't reset - but if you take the fans wayyyy down....they restart at full power? cm tech people - how do you fix this!
  3. i know this has probably been asked....but i cannot find the answer does the cooldrive 4 reset fan speed every time you restart? is there a way to stop this?
  4. besides voiding the warranty - the aquagate is fully upgradeable..changeable... but you must ask yoruself - did you spend 200 dollars to change it? if so, you did the wrong thing and should have gone diy!
  5. most of the people on this forum don't know the stats of the aquagate....besides what tubing is used. and you can't even find out these numbers from the co. itself! but it is all good... if you are gonna upgrade to 1/2id tubing and add a couple blocks....let me tell you, the aquagate is NOT meant for such things.... the pump is weak - hence the need of using low ID tubing.... aquagate = mild performance but great looks! if you want to add and mod your wc kit , you need to go buy a diy kit!
  6. That sounds cool. What are the specs the machine? p4 1.8 @ 2.7061 w/ vcore 1.775 2 X 512mb Corsair 3200 Sapphire 9600 pro 256mb 160gig WD hd
  7. it is a custom watercooled case the "yellow" tubes are tygon tubing for my water cooling setup there is green uv dye in the water! hope you like it!
  8. finally.....sorry for the mix up!!! so what do you guys think?
  9. i know you can't link hd to was a joke.... anywayz, here she is! DD custom water cooling
  10. here she is again....hope it works this time!
  11. p4 1.8 @ 2.7061 vcore 1.775 custom DD wc setup
  12. hey all, was wondering if anyone knows the l/hr or gallons/hr flow rate on the stock aquagate pump? yes....yess...i am still in my pursuit of upgrading my aquagate for no apparent reason...don't hate me!!!!
  13. on the aquagate--rear--the quick connect push/pull plugs is this correct: upper right one is where water comes in bottom left one is where the water pushes out
  14. your probably right...i just like fat tubes... mr miyagi, could you tell me what type of cfm's the stock fan on the aquagate rad pushes out, at the 1,2,and 3 levels of speed?
  15. alright guys, last question, i promise!!!! on the stock aquagate waterblock, 1)can you take out the barbs 2) will this work on the block?