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  1. limqareb

    Anyone know release date of real power 550?

    ok tks you can make one at
  2. limqareb

    I made Pc Extreme Magazine!!!

    wow congrats i like it! can i have a copy of the case?!
  3. limqareb

    Anyone know release date of real power 550?

    somewhere in august it is said i could be wrong
  4. limqareb


    i have an nvidia 5700 ve and it reached 10701 with 3d mark 2001 is that a good result??
  5. limqareb

    how to oc 5700ve

    ok thanks i saw them and they helped
  6. limqareb

    how to oc 5700ve

    oc nv 5700
  7. limqareb


    thanks for the help
  8. limqareb


    ok that is a bit difficult!!
  9. limqareb


    how to put the sleeving on the wires ?? do you need to remove the heads?
  10. limqareb

    Monitor mod

    good one
  11. limqareb

    surprise :D

    ok wrong exchange rate used euros
  12. limqareb

    surprise :D

    not so quick i have a samsung dual layer 16x lm36 around 86.4$
  13. limqareb

    Smooth Creations Wave Master

    nice but to bright as a case i would prefer black dak blue or silver
  14. limqareb

    Clear Plexi DVD rom mod...

    does the dvd still work?
  15. limqareb

    Who has plans for the Aquagate Mini?

    could try it but from wher to get it in malta?