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  1. Thank you, it's becoming intermittent, but it's still a problem, i let it sit a while and it started working for about 30 minutes then started squealing again. Now, here's the issue, how do i fill out this form, it says rma only issued with original coolermaster invoice, i ordered it from a retailer. Wayne
  2. You ever heard the brakes sqeal on a car when they're bad, imagine that coming from my computer constantly, and then it completely stopping, then cracking open your computer to find your fan not spinning. That's how bad it is!
  3. My first email to them: They replied: Obviously, the noise is not just the fan rotating, hello, the freakin thing completly seized and quit working today, there's absolutely no dust in it and it was running just fine. I am disappointed in the ability of customer service to read emails. I clearly stated that it was making a ball bearing griding sound, and they told me it was normal. Thanks a lot coolermaster! Wayne Maybe this will get me a replacement unit.