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  1. You're 100% correct i havent ever heared that coolermaster say that the Aquagate can cool CPU GPU Chipset and HDD so you're wrong because Aquagate was made for cooling one component only, mainly the cpu but it can be used for gpu aswell or hdd only
  2. post your system specs so we could help you better altough 150w is a it low
  3. balilu

    surprise :D

    nice job hope to see it tomorow at the lan party
  4. yep i meant about that. i guess it's too high. is there any way to check how much voltage does my led take??? because i could use a normal molex
  5. when i said an inverter i meant to say a neon inverter is there any liquid with bubbles in it?? will a lemonade do gr8?
  6. ok guys i just found a broken neon lying around but the neon was breaken from the inside but the case of the neon is still in good condition. i decided to pull out the wire and after many tries the neon came out of it's casing and i threw that away and im left with the case of the neon. i had this idea maybe il put some water with bubbles inside it and put some leds at the bottom and ill plug it in to an inverter and the bright leds will light up the water with bubbles. the only thing i wish to know i have some leds which i have removed from my original case fans which are quite bright and i wish to know how much voltage will they take?? and how much does a normal inverter give?? edit: how can i make the bubbles in the water???
  7. why on :) do they sell such fans???? they can't even be controlled by fan controllers
  8. i have some thermally controlled fans. is there any way to disable the sensor? if you touch the sensors what happens ????
  9. maybe this would help altough it's not made specifically for the stacker it's still is suposed to fit
  10. thats for most vgas but i read a review that said that my stock cooler was better in temperatures but not for noise
  11. well not always i saw a review comparing a good aftermarket cooler ( cant' say its name) and my stock vga cooler and the stock cooler of gainward was better in cooling but most of them decrease noise. btw the topic says 68 000 and not 6800
  12. Most likely they are 3volt but you can check the output at the pins by setting the multimeter to the VDC in a slighly higher range say ten volts (always start high and work your way down. be careful what you touch i cant find any vdc setting on my multimeter ( i m a noob to multimeters ) whats the symbol for vdc??? edit: do i have to set the pins ( the ones you use to check voltage or any other thing ) on the mobo pins or can i set them on the wire which is connected on the mobo pins and i will use to connect the leds to???
  13. hey i m currently doing a mod to my front panel and i wanna change my LEDs to brighter ones. what setting do i set on my multimeter?? ( never used one ) or if no multimeter is needed how do i check??