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  1. *And the thread arises again from the deep*
  2. Its been done already .. Oh yeah.. i was the one who did it Its pretty simple. You can check out my Dragster and Tribal Eclips cases. Both of them use the Centurion 5 in the Contest Area. All you have to do is remove the front panel. Then unscrew the bay cover form teh back. once the back cover is removed, I used a dremel to cut off both legs. once that was done, I use double sided tape to mount it to the sliding tray. The only thing you have to remove is the air filter sponge. It doesn't work to well with the double sided tape SAD
  3. Hey Folks.. well.. here are my input on these questions: 1. How much wattage do you think is sufficient? I pessonally think 300-400 watt is fine for the average desktop. This will be websurfer and casual PC users. For Gamers and Overclockers, I would definitly think 500Watt would be the minimum (for SLI). Of course this would have to be true power, and not overrated power. 2. What features are must-have to this PSU? Stability is a key factor in a PSU. If I was looking for a PSU right now, I would have to say modular Cable is high on my list. Not from just a modding perspective, but just keeping the case clean and better air flow. Its annoying when a dangling molex hits a Fan when you move the case. Sleeved cable is a nice touch also. Things I can live without would include Windows and Lighted fans. Most of the time it never matches the colors I'm using in my case. 3. How much are you willing to spend on this PSU? For a standard desktop PSU, I would be willing to spend lik $60 for a solid PSU. For an gamer / performance PSU, i would be willing to pay $100+. Just my $.02 SAD
  4. Dothans are Sweet I'm running Dothan right now on my test rig. My PSU is kinda terrible.. so my voltage isn't stable. The fastest I've gotten my Dothan is only 210FSB. It doesn't want to boot anything faster. No matter what Multiplier I put it at. At 210FSB, i'm pushing 2.5Ghz, and doing SuperPi 1mb in around 29sec. And this is on a cheapy air coolign solution. Also.. these CPU cost only a fraction of what an FX runs at. SAD
  5. Damn.. nice case. THis is waht I want to call it: "CM Pwn Your Cases" Or "All uR Cases Belong to CM" Or "TT Try To Copy This One!!" Opps.. i'm a CM fan.. dang.. hope I wasn't biased in my naming. SAD
  6. Thanks for the info I'm just going to be putting a regular Intel P4 mobo into the system. Nothign special. The only differnce is that I will be putting 2 SATA Raid controller cards and 2 HD Cages. Thanks again. SAD
  7. MM, Thanks for the confirmation SAD
  8. Hi, Well.. in my last post, I mentioned I was going to build file server from teh CM Stacker. I mainly choose the stacker because of the size and ability to use 2 PSU. I want to put a couple of HotSwap HD Enclosures into the CM Stacker. Before I commit to buying a Stacker and the HD Enclosure, does anyone know if there will be compatibility issues? I don' t forsee any, but it never hurts to ask. SAD
  9. Ok folks. I need a bit of help here. I need to build an inexpensive file server here in the office, so I need to pick a tower case w/ lots of room for IDE Hard drives. Of course, the stacker was the perfect option This server will be sitting unattended in a remote office, and I need to keep it running. With so many hard drives, I wanted to know what is the most effective way to keep the PC relatievely cool. Here are my questions: 1. Do all HD bays have fans mounts? 2. Does Cross flow cool the hard drive or just components? 3. Are their air filters? the last thing I want is a server full of dust bunnies in 2 weeks. I look forward to everyoen responses SAD
  10. I don't have an aquagate (I have another high end WC setup already). But if I could, I would be all over it. Here is what I see in the good: 1. Universal. You can easily move it from one system to the next. Doesn't matter waht socket it is. 2. Self containted 3. Great for people looking to get their feet wet. 4. 120MM option. That is just awesome Bad: Umm.. Black is kinda boring. Not enough BLING Don't see any fluid flowing around If this was out a few years back when I first started playing w/ watercooing, I would have gotten it. SAD
  11. Nice case Tech-Daddy This contest is going to be sweet Lot of good competition going on. SAD
  12. Nice buy on the stacker. Are you still going to load all those fans into? Are you going to do the same theme mod for the stacker, or something completely differnet? SAD
  13. Very nice setup you have there. Just have a few question. Why you pick Corsair Value select, and not something that runs tigheter timing? It is obvious monetary saving isn't an issue. I woudl pick up somethign a little faster, like the Corsair TwinX or Xperts. Also, what 550W PSU are you getting? Other then that, the system you are setting up is AWESOME SAD
  14. SuAsDu

    Coolant gone ?

    Wow.. that is an interesting issues you are having there. 2 weeks isn't long at all. Are you sure you don't have a leak somewhere in your ssyteM? I do not think the tubes are that porous, where you have to refill every 2 weeks. Maybe every 6 months. SAD
  15. Are you implying that you work for Cooler Master? Just curious. It sounds like it from that statement. Grump, I do not work for coolermaster. The disclaimer is to cover my butt, hence the "I". And "CoolerMaster" to cover their butt, since it's on their forum. That is bascially it. Hmm.. I wouldn't mind working for CoolerMaster on a PartTime basis as a case or product evaluator or tester Hint Hint I'm in SoCal, and only like 15min away from their offices. SAD