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  1. ok, i've solved the problem, but i'm very angry with CM: 1) Thermal paste with Aero4 is crappy(cpu temp is the same without paste) 2) I got CM Premium thermal paste 2 packets (both unusable can't even put it on cpu, if u try to put it on cpu u just get a weird thermal paste ball which won't stay on cpu and/or heatsink). 3) A friend gave me a tube of unknown thermal paste and the result is that now cpu temp at 100% load is 38-39 °C against 51°C (both with original Aero 4 thermal paste, DI4 thermal paste, no thermal paste!!!!). Now could some expert explain me why this difference?
  2. For F33L3Lik3Hom3: Now my case looks much better, believe me. One thing i found interesting inside a HP mini case: a CoolerMaster CPU cooling system U cannot find in any shop: [moderator edit]Maximum picture width is 750 pixels. Your picture is still viewable by clicking the link, but the image tags have been removed. Resize your image and then edit the post to replace your image tags. Thank you for understanding.[/edit]
  3. Well if CM would start building power supplies..... you could think of buying one, otherwise specs for the PSU you suggest are lower than my 465W,and what's worse is that they are lower than 365W model, so i would suggest u go for quality on PSU.
  4. viperj

    Jet Ear

    Is this a server titanx? Because i was wondering where do You put cd or dvd?
  5. I can tell u what i use on my Pc so u can figure out if the same power supply I use could fit your "Energy Requirements": AsusP4P800, p4 3ghz@ 3.4 ghz,1 GB Kingston HyperX,2 HDD Hitachi 250gb SATA, 2x HDD Hitachi 160GB ATA, CM Aero4, 5 CM neon led fan case, AerogateI, Musketeer, Nec dvd2500, JLMS 166 DVD,Asus ATI9600XT, Asus WL 130b, Teratec Aureon 5.1. Power Supply: ENERMAX EG465P-VE Maybe u should go for a 500W Enermax, but all depends on Money too
  6. New idea for filtering: My friend uses 3m Scotch Brite sponges for washing dishes!!!
  7. viperj


    Happy that all of you understanded me! Thanks Grump, have u got pictures of the black one too? Cannot find them on the site, but new cases, wow they are amazing!
  8. WHAT? Here in Italy it goes around 210-250 euro! sorry for you
  9. viperj


    I'm thinking of buying a Centurion case, but i don't exactly understand how the front and the side are. Is it like this: ---------\ ||||||||||| ---------/ or like this: |||||||||||| ________/ looking at it from the top? Hope somebody understands me! Can't find a picture of the case from top view. Please help!
  10. viperj

    new cases??

    Well don't think they are incredible, but as u will see from the pics(waiting for my digital camera) this case has 3 huge fans and particular plastic devices that let air circulate but also prevents a lot of dust to go inside. From today on i'll try to mod this case with Coolermaster parts, and fit a pc inside. The color will be black and not that crappy one it has in origin!
  11. Thanks, i'm looking for uv paint/marker so that when it's dark the hiperX glows
  12. I know i'm little bit OT but i managed a little mod to my old case, i've put a 12cm 220v fan from Papst (u should see how fast and silent it is) only problem: it's dangerous, it's all metal and it turns really fast! Pic coming soon! BTW i hate smoke becuse of that grease layer it leaves every were on the pc(keyboard,mouse monitor.... )
  13. viperj

    new cases??

    As soon as i can i'll post a pic of the Power mac side panel to show everyone what mac has done for good airflow and better dust proof! BTW i'm no Mac user , i just found this in a "garage sale"
  14. Well you are right but i've got a 2 coolermaster blu ledfans on the back(blowing out), 1 CM blue led on the low side(blowing in), and other 2 CoolerMaster blu led in the front (blowing in).I used the compound from coolermaster(retail too) and the problem is that with the fan @2500 rpm the DI4 work better than Aero4 that's strange isn't it? BACK-> BACK-> * ^ SIDE <- FRONT <- FRONT hope u understand the airflow
  15. Well, looks like a smog deposit for me!