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  1. It's too bad that I can't install the psu facing up in the HAF 932 as Enermax did not really like Me removing the fan grill from the 1050w Revolution psu as their psu grill isn't mounted all that flush, But for another reason It may be the last of their psus that I buy. As I agree, I have a Sears Kenmore for sucking Dust, I'd rather not have a PC case suck It in, So either release the filters, Or My next PC case will be an Antec 902 as they put dust filters in that case and It has 8 slots in the rear... As I have 3 PCs, Only 1 uses a HAF 932 case.
  2. GOOGLE (Demciflex filters) a company based in SouthAfrica can help you solve this issue Yes for about maybe $50(US) and I have no idea If that includes shipping and until Cooler Master starts to sell a dust filter kit that they designed and I gather are currently sitting on... The one from South Africa is the only game in town. I would have responded here months ago, But It seems someone didn't like My email address or something and I couldn't post after login until today.
  3. Try the CM Parts store for Europe, they can help you with that part. The Sniper will be fine for your needs. Thank you so much Icejon, nobody had mentioned that that there was a European parts store!! This gives me more confidence in CM products, and I appologise to them for my earlier outburst. Do we have a date for the release of the HAF932 filter pack and specifically in the European store? I'd also like to buy the dust filters and I'd hope they'd be for every possible opening, Except the rear slots, As those I'd close up and no I live in the USA and I own one HAF 932 case, But until I get some filters, the PC in that case will remain unused.
  4. Lets see I see one small omission, Dust Filters, I own a HAF 932 and It attracts dust like crazy, So much so that It may as well be made by Dust Master. Oh and one more thing, How about 8 card slots all in one row in the back like the Antec 902 has?
  5. I'd sure like to see a less corporate looking M-ATX case(m-atx only) that has air filters, high air flow and the ability to use cards as long as the latest ATi cards. As 9.5" just doesn't cut It now, The BFG GTX295 I have is about 1" longer than that and the latest ATi Radeon 5970 is longer still. The case should have two 5.25" and two 3.5" drive bays as well.