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  1. I am so disheartened and diasppointed by Coolermaster with regrards to this. I have waited over a month since new year for a reply from Franco...nothing. Very disappointed indeed.
  2. In all fairness to CM (and I reallydon't have much respect for them left), the aquagate wasn't probably aimed for the Overclockers rather those, who wanted a quiet cooling solution which the Aquagate does provide (if your pumps doesn't get noisy like mine through some manufacturing fault probably)
  3. In hong kong, there is no decent after sales service. I don't think CM has a proper retail poartner just a distributor who cannot see individual ordes. Hornitons are a c hain of shops, and are also distributors (wholesalers) of other computer wares. Best bet would have been to look around the shops in the computer malls located at Sham Shui Po, Mong Kok, and Wanchai.
  4. hmm I am quite disturbed by the lack of response here, I would just like to get some help please.
  5. I dunno the nearest CM branch here in Hong Kong I took the housing of the LCU to confirm whether it was the fan or Pump, i think it's the pump.
  6. there is a delay in starting the fan of 1-3 secs when you first turn on the PC
  7. The thing is EP, it was quiet before and then after a few days the noise tthang started to happen whic was disapoining as Level2 was quiet and was cooling the CPU very efficiently! Now it's a bit well, noisy.
  8. thats what i am on about, the pump cranking a bit
  9. My aquagate was a blessng was very quiet..... untill a few days ago. The pump located in the pump is starting to whir quiet adubily in Fan Level 2 mode. At fanb Level1 mode it's quite, fan and pump, on setting of Fan level3, the fanis overheard all others. But Fan level2 is/was the sweetspot for me as it provided effective cooling and quietness that i wanted. However, the pump has started to whirr or make veru audible noise which is annoying. I don't know but I filled the system/tank with 380 ml of the supplied coolant. Is that too much and the reason why the pump is loud as it is in level2? I confirmed it was the pump because I turned it on after taking the housing off. Any ideas?
  10. I had trepidations of going into a K8 paktform with these modules...turns out no problems unlike some of the more expensive memory modules Thanks for the cheers I like my setup ehehhe
  11. Got that right rocks for the "first time" Water Coolesr!
  12. The thing i like best about this Leadtek (a review of it will arrive shortly on nV News) is that it's dead quiet! With the aquagate on Fan level 2 and the Leadtek cooling is really that quiet! Makes a change from the 80mm and SLK900A combo!! Air thanks! Fastest? depends mate..I o/c it to 449 MHz core and 1.19 GHz! but other with other brands have gotten higher!!!