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  1. If the side panels are sent to Canada via USPS (US Mail service) then Canadian residents will only pay a $5 brokerage fee (plus applicable taxes, etc.). By using UPS, Canadian residents pay much more in fees as UPS acts as the broker and charges huge fees. I'm wondering if Coolermaster could use USPS for Canadian shipments rather than UPS? If that was the case, I would order one right now. sPaNk
  2. Does anyone know if the black Stacker window side panels are available yet in Canada from Canadian distributors? I don't want to order from the USA and be charged UPS' charges. sPaNk
  3. Not sure whether to make a joke or shed a tear... Still, going to have take this news with a bit of skepticism until things play out.. Does this ETA mean that on 6/28 sidepanels will be offered for sale by retailers or from CM? Does this news mean that the sidepanel will only be offered on new black stackers or through individual purchase for the window itself? This will be offer through individual purchase for the window itself. the model number is:RC-880-WKN1. It will be on the boat at the end of this week. Just to let you guys know that June 28 is the day it will land at California port. I will then post resellers who will carry them or sell them direct to you guys. Excellent! My faith in Coolermaster has been restored! Any ETA on when they can be expected to ship within Canada? sPaNk
  4. Yeah, still waiting for black side panel here too. If I knew there would have been no side panel, I wouldn't have bought the Stacker. I wanted black only, not a silver one. I'm not getting the warm and fuzzy I used to get from Cooler Master anymore. Once that bitter taste is there, it is hard to get rid of it. sPaNk
  5. The black Stacker is sweet, but it would be better with a black window side panel. sPaNk
  6. Sorry to double post, but any ETA on black side window panels for them sexy black CM Stacker cases? sPaNk
  7. CM - any ETA on those black side window panels? sPaNk
  8. Did you get a chance to add it in the FAQ section? sPaNk
  9. The A7N8X Deluxe came with a Firewire PCI bracket that had 2 firewire ports on it (both a different size). There are 2 Firewire headers on the mobo itself as well as 2 cables are supplied. sPaNk
  10. Except I have the A7N8X Deluxe, not the "E" version. My version has 1 row x 8 pins on the mobo and 1 row x 6 pin connector that connects to the PCI Firewire backplate. I was really hoping to use the Firewire connector on the Stacker as opposed to the PCI backplate of the Asus. sPaNk
  11. You would think that there would be some kind of standard for Firewire connections. So who is using the correct standard? ASUS or Cooler Master? sPaNk
  12. Got a problem here. Putting my Stacker together with an ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe mobo and the 1394 Firewire connectors do not match up. The ASUS mobo uses 1 row of 6 pins, but the Stacker uses 2 rows of 10 pins (with one pin being blocked) which looks the same as the USB connectors! What do I do? sPaNk
  13. ETA on black Stacker side windows? In Canada? sPaNk