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  1. Hello. I'm looking for a new computercase and decided to go with the clean looks and design of the Cooler Master Stacker 810 (silver). Unfortunately this model seems to have gone out of production just recently:-( Does anybody know of a store that still has a few left? Preferably near Sweden?
  2. Hi:-) Basically I meant a smaller version of the huge ATCS 840 (with a 200mm sidepanel fan and 8 expansion slots). For me, the size of the new HAF 922 (W 253 x H 502 x D 563 mm) is just about ideal, unless you are about to go crazy with HEAVY watercooling (which most people including myself aren't). As I wrote in my first post, I like them both since they share a lot of the inside layout concept. Haven't made my mind up yet;-)
  3. A case sizewise like the HAF 922 but with the clean looks of the ATCS 840. I like both of these cases and am considering one of them for a new build sometime in the next few months. ATCS 840 + Looks (for me anyway) All metal (steel or aluminium dont really matter to me. I'm not gonna carry it around) Easily removable dustfilters (execpt the design flaw with the psu filter and bottom fan) Fanbracket for 2 fans on HDD-cage etc HAF 922 + Size (lots of room for graphicscards, cable managment etc, but not excessive like the 840 is for most people) Option for 200mm fan i sidepanel 8 expansion slots etc So, take the best of both and create a dreamcase:-) Thoughts?
  4. I'm gonna buy a new case this fall and I currently have 3 or 4 good candidates. The HAF 922 is one of them. I think it's great looking with a spacy and well laid out interior. The only problem I have with this case is the lack of dustfilters. With these new big dustfilters, I buy it for sure! About this new 3CFM material. Will it be possible to buy this for constructing your own filters? I have a few other cases that unfortunately collects too much dust and I can't seem to find any good filter-fabric. I tried panty hose but the airflow is not that great. I also thought of mosquito-net, but I haven't tried it yet.