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  1. Very cool, Chad. Is it true Deciflex is from South Africa? The reason I ask is because I'd like to get some custom ones made as well, but I am curious to see what the wait time and shipping costs are if the company is in fact from South Africa. How long did you have to wait?
  2. I ordered some of those Deciflex filters too, as I didn't want to wait on cooler master. I just got two 120's, though, as I am using two of the CM 120mm fans for the side intake. The front 200mm already has that thin filter that you can access if you remove the front panel, so I am good to go. Why the filter on the top exhaust fan? You using it as an intake?
  3. Any word on this topic yet? I am ready to pull the trigger on a HAF series case but want to be sure the filers will be released soon.
  4. +1. The only thing that stopped me from getting the HAF 932 was the lack of dust filters. If they will be offered as a separate purchase, I'll order one for sure, and this will instantly become the best case available for airflow and dust prevention in my opinion. Woohoo! PLEASE release them!
  5. Thank you both. I apologize for starting this thread, as I was unaware of the other one. If they do offer filters, I will be placing my order right away. Now I just have to decide on the HAF 932 or 922. Oh, and I voted.
  6. I read the Hardware Secrets review of the HAF 922 case, and they said that it has a front intake dust filter. Is that correct? Everywhere else I've referenced says otherwise, so I'd like to get the final word on this. If it does have a filter, I'll be buying this case immediately (it's the only thing holding me back from buying the original HAF 932). All that airflow warrants intake filters in my opinion. So please, help me out folks (specifically Cooler Master themselves)! Does the HAF 922 have an intake dust filter? If not, can it be purchased separately? Thanks!