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  1. Echo

    Aquagate Cleaning

    What is the easiest way to cleaner the Aquagate CPU block? Mine looks like it has a build up between the fins???
  2. Echo

    AQUAGATE Failure

    The fan on my AQUAGATE (+-1 year old) failed today, fan was running and responded to speed settings but the sensor part of it stopped working so I was getting constant shutdowns, had to remove the auto-shutdown cable, trouble shoot and then replace the fan with another fan (which acctually works better than the origional fan and is quieter!) replaced with an Brushless Fan! Anyone else had this problem?
  3. Echo

    AeroGate one

    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on an AeroGate One? In either silver or black? Prefferably black! As my local supplier (only people who carry CoolerMaster products) no longer seems to carry this part Is it an old/dis-continued item? I really am desperate to get one mainly for the hands on approach and also as in my opinion it is the best looking fan control and I think it will fir well with my STACKER and my future mod of stealthing my AquaGate (plan to hide the AguaGate behind the mesh panels of the STACKER and relocate the LCD panel into the side panel of the case, on the window side in the top right quadrant!)
  4. Echo

    Cross flow fan

    1st off, sorry have not posted in a long... long time but... never fear, I'm back As for the CROSS FLOW fan, in my experience (have one STACKER) it dropped the system temps by 1-2 degrees on slowest speed, 3-4 on medium speed but no noticible(sp?) difference on highest speed (although a bit more noise) and it solved my problems with my dodgy memmory modules I had at one stage. Currently I keep it running on medium speed, nice comprimise between additional cooling and noise. Current temps as follows, CPU 33.1 C (Prescot 3.0E) System 31.2 C (DFI LanParty Mobo) Temps rise up into the 40's when gaming, but still cool! Although these are my winter temps, summer time adds a difference of +5 - 10 degrees!!! As ambient temps can sit in the low to mid 30's during the day and at night in the high 20's!
  5. Sorry to drag up an old topic, but is it possible to run the Cross Flow fan from the CPU fan header on the motherboard? Would it run at one speed or would it be variable according to temp?
  6. so its hard to install and if you do install it incorrectly it wil explode? LOL!!! now why does that sound familiar
  7. From what I rmbr it's pretty straight fwd, open case, unplug fan and replace with a CoolerMaster LED Fan
  8. From what I have heard, it is pretty easy to change the fan As it uses a 3 pin header.
  9. Echo

    Aquagate PCI-controler

    The AquaGate PCI Controller, although it goes into a PCI slot, does not in any way interface with the system, If you look at the card there are no copper contacts on the edge connector, it only goes into the PCI slot to hold it secure in the case. That is why I may be moding mine soon into an enclosed unit hidden away in the depths of my Stacker case
  10. Received mine today thanks! Went and bought a brand new black faced stiffy drive to go with them the old one (6 years or older) is getting a bit tired
  11. Echo

    AquaGate Coolant Puzle?

    O.K. I get it now, sorry was just puzzled at where the coolant disappears to, now that I have thought about it, it makes sense. I retract all previous comments and eagerly await the new Northbridge and GPU blocks
  12. Echo

    AquaGate Coolant Puzle?

    So let me get this right... we as an end user have pay to rectify a manufacturing problem?
  13. make sure the unit is connected as per the installation manual, if that fails you may have a faulty lcd unit.
  14. O.K. no problem, right the cable that you describe goes from the control card to the jumper on your motherboard usually marked as power switch or PW. The cable runs from controller to motherboard then the other part of the cable with the 2 pins you plug the cable from the power switch into. It is explained in the manual though
  15. The thermal sensor is connected to the AquaGate controller/power board, the one that fits in the PCI slot, then the sensor part you can put as close the the CPU as possible or even attach it to the water block. Hope that helps