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  1. i do not mean this post disrespectful, but with your help i think i can now make a good choice. Based on the above info, the 810 looks identical to the STC-T01, with a few differences in design. Looks to me that, unless one really wishes to use a 13'' x 16'' mobo, the case to use is still the 'old' STC-T01 because of the flexibility it offers. The 810 offers a second 12cm fan in the back, but loses the crossflow fan, the removable mobo tray, the 2nd PSU, and BTX support. I'll go for the STC-T01 tomorrow. Thanks guys !! Rijk
  2. The PSU dimension on the pics looks standard. And if the case supports only 1 PSU.. errmmm... ???? redundant ?
  3. http://www.directron.com/rc810ssn1.html is one of the sites that say so. http://www.coolermaster.com/moreimages.php?LT=english&Language_s=2&p_serial=RC-810 shows 2 pics with 3 of them. I gather the 810 comes with 1, like the old Stacker did ? EDIT : yup, just found that on the CM site. I will be putting the STC-T01 and the new case next to each other. Are the external dimensions the same ?
  4. wow, that's fast.. i just found the 810 comes with 3 pre-installed 4-in-3 modules. Is that correct ? What makes the 810 a server case, more than the STC-T01 ?
  5. Hi, i wish to buy my 2nd Stacker (i already have a STC-T01), and would like some info to help me decide. Unfortunately there are no shops in my neighbourhood where i can look at the Stacker cases... they simply don't have them on display. On pictures it looks like the exterior is exactly the same. Correct ? What are the differences between the "old" STC-T01 and the 810 ? I could only find the 810 : 1. has improved airflow ( 2 x 120mm fan in the back ) 2. is more of a server case than the STC-T01 ( in what way ? ) 3. has no PSU cage anymore and allows the mobo to be mounted higher than in the STC-T01 Could you please point out the differences/improvements ? Thanks, Rijko
  6. Hey Seiyoun, are these Bulgin switches ? (Over here they cost 18 bucks...) i *love* the way you did this !! What an elegant way to get rid of the 5.25'' panel ! Any tips for installing these ? I was planning to drill holes in the top panel and install the switches there but after seeing this i will copy your idea if that's allright
  7. Hirschma, did you ever build this machine ? Just curious, i am building something alike so your experience would be helpful. Tia, Rijko
  8. haha, guess i belong to the 1%.... i have 1 Musketeer and 3 drive cages ( CM 4-in-3) almost maxed out - 11 HDDs and only 1 to go .. I could certainly use a Super Stacker like yours ! Great job, excellent. Innovative too. "goe gedaan jochie"
  9. are you sure the sata controller allows 'online expansion' as in adding a disk and -without data loss- adding it to the array, and expand your existing drive ? Usually they allow adding a disk and configuring it as extra diskspace, not to be confused with expanding the existing disk space. Even if it does allow to do so i would not dare using this option without a perfect backup ! ( i use a DLT IV 70/140 GB drive for this and backup takes days... anyone have a tape library for sale ? haha ) Usually sata raid controllers support 4 disks maximum. (they get *real* expensive with more sata ports) If you've got a 4-drive sata controller i would max it out beforehand if you can afford an extra disk.... that will save you a lot of work later on, and it might save you data loss and troubles in the future..... What sata controller(s) do you use ? Your first post said 8xsata - is that on 1 controller ? BTW, i love those maxtor disks.. i run 10 of those without any failure yet after 3 years of continual operation.
  10. so, i guess we identified a few problems witht the Stacker case : 1. certain VGA cards do not fit well. That's a good one. 2. No sidepanel (yet) for the black Stacker. Afaik that's in the works. 3. Noisy aluminium case ? Not in my experience. this case is made of solid steel and 'dressed up' with aluminium parts. No rattling at all with my case going on... 4. Weight. Yeah, this case is kinda heavy. That is not a Stacker problem - if you plan on dragging a pc to LAN parties, buy something else or workout Most users don't drag this case around. I tried to be brief here, nothing else. Hoping for comments here ! The only problem i think needs investigating is the VGA card issue. As far as i understand it's neither CM's fault nor the VGA manufacturer since PCIe was not around when it came out. And a dremel or file will solve that easily. So, since other cases have the VGA card issue too (i guess ?) there is no real disadvantage left specific to the Stacker - which is quite remarkable in a forum with modders... cu, Rijko
  11. hi, i think more info on your setup is needed like Merovingian said. I am running an old Compaq mobo with an 833 Mhz CPU, oldfashioned VGA card, and 10 large (300 GB) HDDs in 3 drivecages '4-in-3' with the large fans on them. Some extra harddisk coolers, 80 mm topcooler, and the big outlet fan. A SCSI card for my DLT drive and 2 x 256 MB memory. All on a ( 1 ! ) now maxed out 350 W PSU. A RealPower 450 or 550 should accomodate all your power hunger but you could calculate your power need very nicely here : http://www.jscustompcs.com/power_supply/Power_Supply_Calculator.php?cmd=INTEL Good luck !
  12. hey Limqareb - that is some awesome cool sig !!!!
  13. hi, i think this case is *great* ! Perfectly suited for watercooling ( the CM watergate looks great in this case ) and almost every piece of hardware you could possibly think of will fit in here. Plus the sleek, sturdy, stylish design makes it a case that i will keep. As far as noise goes : the Stacker comes with really quiet fans. My Stacker, with CPU fan, topfan, 3 x 12 cm CM standard fans on the 4-in-3 HDD cages and 1 in the back of the beast, and 12 CM quiet fan in my PSU (to be replaced by a RealPower 550) makes less noise than my standard "nothing CM in here" pc with only 1 HDD. Noise seems to come from anywhere in that machine, CPU cooler, harddisk ( nicely vibrating since not dampened by the 4-in-3 dampening rubbers ), and PSU fan. The Stacker is barely audible. So yes, altough you may be able to find fans that are a tad quieter that the CM standard stuff - i think if you buy the case you wil not find the need to replace them. And imho the Stacker is *the* best looking case in this server-type segment. Hands-down. It would be naive to think the competition cannot make a similar, better or more quiet case - they probably will, in time. Imho CM holds the flag right now. Buy one, you will not regret it. Another argument in favour of CM is this board and the excellent service they provide. A listening ear and good response on suggestions makes CM the company to buy my stuff ! Yup, i am biased after i made an objective choice . No, i do not work for CM Good luck in making your choice. ps. too bad a comparison cannot be made due to forum rules. I think CM would win hands-down. But even that remark would be against forum rules right ? lol
  14. rijko

    CM Stacker Versions

    hi hombre, i am no expert on this but i received my silver stacker with 2 dents on top. The dents were caused by the vertical support beams that just pressed the dents from the inside out. That was improved upon and model/rev. 2 did not have this weakness anymore. The case was switched for a rev.1 without those dents btw. Also the rev.2 stacker comes with a fan installed on the round sidepanel, i understand. Maybe there's more but at least others can correct/add to my comments.
  15. yeah, i know.. but the area around the CPU is usually cooled more active than just by case temperature - the point of this article was that using watercooling, there is no cpu fan blowing around the cpu.
  16. watercooling considerations.... just read an interesting article on watercooling & OCing. The outcome was that watercooling is great, silent, effective etc. But since watercooling is very specific it leaves other mobo components without cooling. Components surrounding the CPU for instance were most affected - where aircoolers would blow some wind around and cool those components, watercooling leaves those running HOT. In effect reducing the mobo life expectancy bigtime on standard setups, and sometimes destroying mobos that are OC'ed. The article was backed up by temperature readings that are scary ! I love watercooling. The looks are awesome, it's quiet, you guys know all about it.. For my server though i will not take the risk of (earlier) mobo failure and go with CM aircooling. I expect some flaming since some guys have overclocked a 2.4 Ghz Intel to 3000+ on watercooling and ofcourse without problems. But errmm... just FYI.... my 2 cents...
  17. don't want to state the obvious but how about a voltmeter on those leds ?
  18. you can testdrive your memory with this great free tool : http://www.memtest86.com/
  19. Hi, I will buy a CM PSU in the future - no hurry though. as i have a Stacker case and i still use a floppy drive i have no goodlooking options to mount the display. I cannot find a company that can sell me a floppy bezel... It would be nice if it were delivered with a 5.25'' front. Modular (Antec-like) cables and a digital display would make this a dream-PSU... On the other hand, if i have nothing left to desire the fun would be gone
  20. Hi all, thanks for the tips so far ! Karma, thanks for the welcome and your detailed suggestions. Just found that 1 EUR = 1.29 USD so that would make the budget approx. 322 USD. Your suggestions are very welcome. The Hyper6 looks great ! But errrrmmmm... 950 grams ? Dang, how much weight can be hung on a vertically positioned mobo ? Simplyadvanced : i guess that's what you are running ? What memory are you using and at what speed do you run your system ? Thanks, Rijk
  21. Hi all, a buddy of mine saw my Stacker and wants one. HDD, VGA and PSU he wants to use from his current pc. budget for mobo & CPU approx. 250 EUR. Can anyone help me with this low-budget interior ? He is looking for the best performance that could be achieved as he is a big gamer. And as you may have guessed, i am not an overclocking expert :-) Thanks !
  22. I'm with BroChaos - i love the sleeved cables. Just bought the sleeved CM IDE cables and i was just thinking how cool it would be to have the PSU cables sleeved the very same way ! C'mon CM, don't make us buy Antec sleeved cables and solder it onto a CM PSU please ? Question : the new 450 Watt PSU comes with a black frontpanel - cool. Does the kit also include a 5.25'' frontpanel like the floppy one ? Will CM consider to make the power frontpanel digital, preferrably in Musketeer blue ? Tia, Rijk
  23. hi all, (i hope this kind of promotion does not offend forum rules) incase anyone goes shopping near Bergschenhoek in Holland : Informatique computers en componenten b.v. Weg en Bos 9 2661 DG Bergschenhoek Telefoon Verkoop particulieren: 010- 519 16 66 Informatique has shown in the past to offer great service and they did not disappoint me in this case. No problem, although they only had the 'generation 1' cases they accepted my complaint about 2 very small dents happily and switched the case for a non-damaged one. They made my day - again. I do not work for Informatique but i think no good deed should go unnoticed. Great shop, great prices ( 157 eur for the case, 19 eur for the 4-in-3), great service (even after-sales) .... Best regards, Rijk
  24. wow, you really have the casemodders in mind... great stuff. Thanks again !
  25. Hi, i am thinking about buying a Real Power RS-450-ACLY PSU. I have a silver stacker which comes with black 5.25 covers. A black interface would look cool.. will this be available in the future ? Tia, Rijk