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  1. nice you got it to work ! Ha, there are worse things than messing with this stuff enjoying a beer and some turkey next to it, right ? Strange the OCZ will not work... but you'll probably have no problem selling it... I hope the machine will perform well.. with the eVGA 8800GTX i think it should !
  2. right, hope it works for you this time. Have a great thanksgiving !
  3. btw, the speaker.... imho that's just the manufacturer being cheap.... i save a few speakers from old systems just for this kinda thing...
  4. ok so you've narrowed the problem down to the mobo install on the tray, cool.. I think, since you carefully mounted the mobo, the only place a short could happen is where the metal mountings (risers) on the tray touch the mobo. There's probably 9 of them ? I would recommend taking them all off the tray. Next, install 4 of them : on all edges of the mobo. Make sure they align correctly with the holes in the mobo by putting the mobo on the tray and check that you see the thread inside the riser aligning with the corresponding mobo hole. Loosely screw the bolts in the 4 holes (don't worry about tightening them exactly even, that is not crucial - just lightly tighten the screws) and see if the system will boot. If so, add 1 or 2 risers at a time and boot. This will take some time, but it's the only way i know of to achieve a reliable and reproducable result... Maybe you can take a shortcut : if one of the risers was (factory) installed in the wrong hole in the tray, it touches the mobo on a spot it shouldn't. The mobo has more holes than needed to mount it ; make sure you use the right holes in the mobo. On the backside of the mobo you can recognize the right holes easily : those holes are surrounded by a small metal washer-like reinforcement. That is specifically meant for mounting stuff. I have seen risers in the wrong place touching the mobo on unprotected parts (and no hole in the mobo where it touches it) and shorting the whole thing...
  5. you bought a load of cool stuff, but i hope that's not connected in this stage ? Testing at this stage should be performed with just the PSU, mobo/cpu/memory and video card imho. If this combo works outside the case, it should work in the case also. If it does not, you're shorting something during installation... I have seen screws too long screwed into the PSU causing shorts, or installations that had metal rings between mobo and tray "because it is better, just like with my motorbike" that shorted the mobo, etc. I would test outside the case first. ok ? mount the PSU in the case and try again. ok ? mount mobo and try again. This way at least you can determine where in the installation process the problem is introduced....
  6. Hi all, since i started this thread, i thought i would let you all know how it worked out... I have used capitals to complain ; so i think i can use them now COOLERMASTER made me a VERY NICE OFFER ! I accepted this offer happily. As far as i am concerned, a few things have been accomplished : 1. CM made good on a promise. 2. CM compensated me for problems with one of their products. Again, a very nice gesture was made ; better than i expected or had hoped for. 3. My trust in CM has been restored fully by this. I wish to express my thanks to Robby who made this possible ; and ofcourse to all people involved in this. Thank you CoolerMaster for turning this bad feeling into a good experience !! Best regards, Rijk
  7. I know... but i like to have most of my data directy accessible... And i had a few bad experiences with cd's and dvd's that went bad within 3 years... lots of data lost.... so now it's all on HDD & tape & dvd ) (I still burn dvd's but i add 15% par files. That improves the chance of 100% data integrity (after 3 year) from 61% to 99,7% !) Just me swimming upstream again
  8. yes, correct - 12 HDDs, 400 GB each. I divided the them in 2 raid5 sets of 6 disks. That makes for 2 volumes of 1,6 TB so 3.2 TB total. Still i need more :-) Haha, the passive coolblock makes a big difference in noise doesn't it ? And it looks better too !
  9. btw i see you've got a kick-:) system too, a bit like mine ! It will most likely outperform my system though :-/ I chose the A8N-E too 'cause of the better chipset and sata2 support.. but the guy i ordered my stuff delivered the A8N5X... and i did not want to wait for the A8N-E because the difference was not really important to me : sata 2 would be serving the system HDDs and i do not need the max performance for that. I looked at the AMD x2 3800 too : approx. same price & a better choice for gaming i think ; but only half the cache per cpu. And for fileserver/webserver/SQL etc i need the cache..
  10. haha, i remember someone saying something like "i swim upstream where others go downstream" or something to that effect.... This is my server - and i want it to be stable, lotsa diskspace and functionality : gaming is not for my server... Add to that i want it to be quiet.. and the fact i operate my server using terminal services.... All that made me choose to replace the northbridge 'screamer' fan with something passive so it won't break or make loud noise all the time ; and the same goes for the video card... no fan so it cannot break down or make noise and still this card is 'overpowered' to provide terminal services quality screen output. Yeah, i agree in gamers eyes it's a lousy videocard - but it's a good choice for the job it is supposed to do price/performance wise .. that's why i am probably swimming upstream compared to the folk here
  11. Well, the first 500W A**** Phantom gave up when i put the system together.... My system : CM Stacker STC-T01 Asus A8N5X mobo ( with active northbridge cooling replaced by Zalman passive coolblock) AMD Opteron 165 dual core Zalman Cu 7700 CPU cooler 3Ware sata xor 12 port raid controller 12 WD 4000 YR (Raid Edition 2) 400GB HDDs (RAID5) 2 WD HDDs (mirrored) as system disk 4GB Kingston 400Mhz memory GF5200 passively cooled PSU : 2 x A**** Phantom 500 When i built this system i installed mobo, cpu + cooler, memory, video card & NIC, & 2 system disks. 1 PSU. I plugged in the 3Ware controller and added the first hdd. Label portnumber on the cable, power down ; next ! After hdd #8 the PSU tried to boot the system and shut down. Remove 1 disk... boot is ok. I had hoped the "staggered spinup" of the 3Ware card would make it possible to use just 1 PSU (staggered spinup is meant specifically to save the PSU from high peak load on startup) .... but no go So i did need a 2nd PSU.... Too bad but still okay : i intend to add a 2nd raid controller & 4 or 5 disks shortly - so instead of powering just 4 HDDs the 2nd PSU will have to earn it's money :-))
  12. :lol: wauw what an awesome job !!! Beautiful ! And the blue contrast to the green is drop-dead gorgeous.. I think if you change the psu light to green it will be too much green... the way it is now i think it's great ! Coming up to the case from behind it kinda looks like a spaceship - looking into the sidepanel it looks alive.. kinda alien.. How about ALIEN ? You guys rule ! And best of luck in the contest !
  13. i use 2 A**** 500W PSUs - connected using the CM 24 pin y-cable. IMHO it's great ! No dummy load needed, great power efficiency. CM made their case modular this way : in my case i exceeded the power the 1st PSU could deliver - and CM made it possible to use a 2nd PSU. Good reasoning, i think. Only downside i see is cable management - but that's a choice you can make. A**** is hard to beat - quiet, stable, great efficiency, good price. But now CM has the IGreen 600W : and it's (from what i have found in comparison) a serious contender/alternative. And the pricing is better than A****. So i am considering replacing mine with the CM IGreen 600. It's tested very well all around.
  14. Thanks, it was ! Robby answered me quickly - i hope things work out this time.
  15. yes, i have had exactly the same problems. How about RMA-ing the case ? Read my thread http://www.coolermaster.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=4070: and you will probably agree that the 810 has a production fault. If you read this thread http://www.coolermaster.com/phpBB2/view ... hlight=810, you may want to choose a STC-T01. ( if you still want any CM case at all ) Why do you think the new tray will solve the problem ? Is it a new and improved tray ? A tray from another model case perhaps ? BTW - imho if you dremeled your brand new case because CM recommended that, they are at least morally obligated to RMA the case if that fails... I read your posts and taste the very same dissatisfaction with CM . I have also installed hundreds of mobos in all sorts of cases and i have never seen anything this bad !! A production flaw is not a big problem : if you adress it the right way. I feel like you, and i hope you are treated better than i have been treated.